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April 28, 2014

IBM Ranks Number One in Enterprise Social Software Revenue for Fifth Year in a Row

IBM (News - Alert) announced on its website that they have been ranked number one in worldwide market share for enterprise social software according to International Data Corporation (IDC (News - Alert)). IDC, an information technology analysis organization, reported that the worldwide revenue for enterprise social software applications grew from $968 million in 2012 to $1,242 million in 2013. For the fifth year in a row, IBM has earned the number one slot in IDC’s research, earning the largest portion of the $1,242 million market.

IDC ranked Jammer, a California based company that may soon be acquired by Microsoft (News - Alert), as the second highest earning company in the field of enterprise social software.

“Customers are increasingly assuming that all applications must be social,” said Vanessa Thompson, a Research Manager from IDC. “IBM's focus on a core social networking platform to support application environments, such as Smarter Commerce and Smarter Workforce aligns well with this customer intent.”

It is this focus of IBM’s that has helped them gain such high earnings. IBM has been addressing the proliferation of social businesses with its own Social Business portfolio. IBM’s Social Business portfolio includes several top of the line software applications for social businesses. Hosted over a cloud, the social solutions and processes provided by IBM’s Social Business portfolio will help companies empower employees, increase workforce productivity and deliver top of the line customer service.

One of the most popular of Social Business portfolio items provided by IBM is IBM Connections, a social platform that connects employees through their own private social network. IBM Connections can be used to crowdsource projects, create blogs, wikis, and forums, and includes many of the typical features found throughout social networks.

IBM also offers its Smarter Workforce solutions, useful for hiring and assessing employees. IBM believes this software will be an important tool in any human resource officer in enlisting and maintaining the best employees. They also offer their Social Business Analytics Solutions, which will provide analytics on social networks.

The Social Business portfolio is an apparent success, with 75 percent of Fortune 100 companies using software from the portfolio—IBM states that tens of millions of users take advantage of its different software. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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