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April 24, 2014

SaaS Cloud Security Startup HackSurfer Raises $3.5M in Venture Capital Funding

Cloud networks for businesses of all sizes are necessary to protect, as they contain more than just private company information: they hold sensitive personal information of customers, contact info for clients and often even the keys to a company’s finances. However, cloud networks are still far too useful a service for even small businesses to ignore, despite the fact that a single breach in the network could mean losing everything. Thankfully, these networks could see better security from an up-and-coming startup called HackSurfer.

HackSurfer is a cybersecurity SaaS (News - Alert) provider, recently founded with the vision of allowing organizations to make sound, risk-informed decisions based on a threat profile that is custom-tailored to meet their specific business needs and likely threats. Company co-founder Jason Polancich may not appear to fit the bill of a highly trained security expert as a long-haired rock and roller, but the man also spent 20 years with the NSA, including several projects with the military as a Russian and Arabic translator.

“We’re not a single system but a platform,” Polancich describes, “a collection of data information, storage and analytics tools. Hacksurfer is designed to address risk intelligence and bridge the gap between systems, tools, and data that exist at the lower level [and the higher level].”

HackSurfer provides a one-stop solution for businesses that eliminates risk and helping clients stay protected from hackers, while at the same time finding out from users which crimes are trending and what vulnerabilities exist.  As a result, businesses that use HackSurfer to protect their sensitive data networks are not only protecting themselves from existing threats, but the platform keeps them updated with which threats are emerging as they are born, as well as pointing out which ones threaten their businesses specifically.

As of now, the company has secured $3.5 million in venture capital funding, which the small 20-man group will use wisely. Each employee was hand-picked by Polancich for their expertise in various sectors of cloud security, but it mostly reiterates the fact that Polancich hired people he specifically trusts – a trait that is vital in any security business.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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