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April 24, 2014

Dobleas Cross-device Data Management Platform Now Commercially Available

The mobile advertising market is opening to reach critical mass. Real-time bidding, ad exchanges, and demand-side platforms (DSPs) are the latest attractions as advertisers want to reach a wide audience today. Reports estimate that at least 30 percent of ad spend is channeled through DSPs. The platform allows advertisers to buy online ad space through a single buying point.

Capitalizing on these opportunities, Dobleas, a spin-off of Tokyo-based FreakOut, Inc, a digital marketing company and a company that deals with mobile Demand Side Platform announced the commercial availability of its cross-device Data Management Platform (DMP).

"A powerful and integrated DMP is needed more than ever as many forms of media continue to move towards programmatic.  Most DMPs today operate based on the use of cookies, and there isn't a good easy way to do simple retargeting in mobile," Yugo Asato, chief executive officer at Dobleas said in a statement.

"Now, advertisers can implement Dobleas' DMP on their PC websites, create actionable segments in the UI and execute not only simple retargeting campaigns, but also more advanced retargeting without logging into a separate platform," Asato added.

Dobleas DMP allows an advertiser to buy efficient mobile impressions with respect to their existing PC audience base, and deliver the right message to the right audience in in-app or mobile web inventory.  Combined with Dobleas DSP and cross-device attribution, Dobleas is claimed to offer a best-in-class mobile marketing stack in the space.

Through Dobleas DMP, advertisers can build actionable audience segments based on a Desktop website and buy programmatically against these segments via Mobile Real-time Bidding. 

Dobleas' mobile Data Management Platform, machine-learning bidding/optimization algorithms, full-access API and private exchange solutions allow marketers, advertisers and agency professionals to achieve better results for direct response, branding and full-funnel marketing.

FreakOut recently obtained $5.4 Million from YJ Capital and invested it in Dobleas.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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