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April 22, 2014

Molex Unveils EXTreme Ten60Power Split Blade

With an escalating demand for computing power, there is increasing pressure on hardware and power supply manufacturers to develop products that are custom made and cost effective.

Molex (News - Alert) Incorporated, a provider of electronic components and solutions for a number of markets, is ready to meet wider range of power and signal requirements with the launch of the EXTreme Ten60 Split Blade contact system.

Molex EXTreme Ten60Power is a high-current power and signal connector system. Launched under this portfolio, the new split blade power modules are part of this portfolio of modular, custom configurable, high current hybrid power and signal connectors that achieve up to 260.0A per linear inch in a low profile (10.00mm) housing design that enhances system airflow.

 “By continuing to grow the EXTreme Ten60Power family of connectors, we have solidified our leadership position in providing the largest breadth of modular solutions on the market today that deliver high current and signal density in the smallest overall package,” said Jeff Torres, global product manager, Molex.

Designed to provide good design flexibility, the new EXTreme Ten60Power split blade power module separates the two halves of the standard EXTreme Ten60Power power terminal with dielectric plastic positioned in between. Each split blade terminal carries a 30.0A current rating at 30°C T-rise. The advantage of splitting the blades and shortening the distance between energized power contacts, is that the split blade module can now deliver faster response times, lower overall impedance, and greater capacitance benefits while also providing greater granularity if the customer does not need the full 60.0A current rating of the standard Ten60 power contact for all domains.

Also to meet specific customer requirements, the modular design allows the split blade modules to be easily integrated into hybrid EXTreme Ten60Power assemblies along with standard power modules and high-density signal (HDS) modules.

The high-current contact blades in DC (5.50mm) and AC (7.50mm) spacing options provide even greater design flexibility. Power blades are available in right angle and vertical orientations to accommodate either coplanar or perpendicular applications.

Molex official also confirmed that the Extreme Ten60Power connectors are available in one through nine circuit split blade power modules, one through 10 circuit standard power blade modules, and six through 60 circuit signal modules. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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