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April 07, 2014

Continuent Unveils a New Version of Tungsten Replicator

Recognizing that fast decision-making depends on real-time data movement, Continuent, a provider of open source database clustering and replication solutions, announced the availability of version 3.0 of its Tungsten Replicator.

Hadoop is changing the landscape of data management by providing a central data hub that receives data from across the business. Tungsten Replicator is a progressive, open-source replication solution for Hadoop, as well as a high performance, open source, data replication engine for MySQL and Oracle (News - Alert), and a key part of Continuent Tungsten. With Tungsten Replicator, data can be quickly and flexibly moved out of operational databases into Hadoop.

"Today, organizations are struggling to achieve real-time integration between MySQL/MariaDB and Hadoop and Oracle and Hadoop," Robert Hodges, chief executive officer at Continuent said in a statement.

"Rapid loading of data into Hadoop enables effective analytics and is becoming increasingly crucial, as Hadoop itself raises the bar for real-time query through technology like the Cloudera-sponsored Impala project, Spark, and HBase,” Hodges added.

A key advantage of Tungsten Replicator is that by automatically reading the DBMS and forwarding transactions as soon as they commit, it reduces the load on operational systems, minimizes the amount of data that needs to move between locations, and allows transactions to quickly enter the data warehouse.

Also, when used together with Apache Sqoop, businesses can provision information and then leverage Tungsten Replicator to replicate transactions incrementally in real-time. This provides continuous data loading so existing data and changes can easily be applied into Hadoop.

Tungsten Replicator 3.0 replicates transactions from operational database systems such as MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle to Hadoop in real-time. This produces carbon-copy tables and enables the execution of analytic views in Hadoop within multiple environments including Hive.

Continuent offers consulting services to generate replication filters and implement intricate replication topologies in production. The company also provides 24-hour comprehensive technical support for Tungsten Replicator.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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