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March 25, 2014

APB Takes the Fuss Out of Access Control with IP Technology

Internet protocol (IP) has not only revolutionized the way businesses communicate, it has also revolutionized the way businesses control and monitor their physical premises. At ITEXPO (News - Alert) Miami, held in January, TMC’s Rachel Ramsay took a few minutes to sit down with Jim Molencupp, product manager for IP Surveillance at ABP Technology, an IP technology solutions distributor. The company focuses on IP telephony, surveillance and infrastructure exclusively, and carries a select number of products that it fully tests itself.

In the interview, Molencupp describes the increasing importance Internet protocol plays in access control. As companies beef up their security procedures, they are increasingly seeking solutions that will reliably secure their premises but also be easy to administer. The company launched a full line of IP-enabled access control products three years ago, and uses many of the products it sells on its own premises.

“If you think about traditional access control, you have a control panel. You have to run a bunch of wires to the door, and it’s very labor intensive and takes a lot of time,” said Molencupp.

IP-enabled access control products such as those offered by ISONAS and sold by IPB technology are different. They require only running an Ethernet cable to the door, which allows companies to control the lock quickly and easily, cutting out onerous and expensive premise-based maintenance.

According to Molencupp, ABP’s (News - Alert) exclusive focus on a limited number of IP product lines enables it to understand the technologies fully, unlike competitors who will sell a company anything, sight unseen, with a limited amount of guidance. A good integrator, he says, helps a company choose the right solution for its needs.

“Access control is a natural extension of surveillance, or physical control,” said Molencupp, who notes that the company entered the access control market through surveillance technology, for which it offers solutions for remote camera security such as video door stations as well as technology for badge reading and even biometrics, a security technology that ups the ante for companies wishing to truly secure their equipment or premises.

APB Technology was a gold sponsor at this year’s ITEXPO event, and an exhibitor for the ninth consecutive year. For more information about ITEXPO Miami or the upcoming Las Vegas event in August, visit the ITEXPO homepage.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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