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March 20, 2014

Sendio 7 to Rid Inboxes of Spam and Junk

It’s rather annoying for most of us to have to daily encounter spam and junk email with malicious email surfacing once in a way for variety. You start off the day encountering unwanted mail and that could leave you pretty exhausted for the rest of the day. Sendio (News - Alert), the email security provider, has thrown down an ace that could alter the face of emails and inboxes –a brand new email security operating system – Sendio 7.

Based on an updated Linux kernel, Sendio is on a mission to clean up the email space and keep it spruce and tidy all the time. It promises to make malicious emails and spam things of the past and also assures users that every genuine email will find a way into their inboxes. To keep the inbox clutter free, it will ensure only significant messages access the inbox, while the others remain outside it.

Reportedly the most streamlined, secure operating system yet, Sendio 7 will be able to run on the most advanced industry hardware.

“Sendio 7 not only sets the stage for new email security enhancements coming in the very near future, but also for new productivity features that will help our customers get more value out of the time they spend in their inbox,” noted Kip Quackenbush, CEO at Sendio.

The development team at Sendio will be adopting an effective SMTP defense technique to defeat common spammer automation behaviors and use pattern matching technology to identify malicious senders and their source IP addresses. Using anti-spoofing technology, organizations will be protected from identity theft and other phishing schemes that attempt to steal data and corporate information.

In short, users can enjoy a little bit more peace of mind, waste less time trying to figure out spam and genuine mail, concentrate on their tasks and hopefully be more productive.

 “We are fortunate to enjoy a very loyal customer base and with this new operating platform we are delivering on the promise of eliminating spam, bulk, malicious and junk email, giving back an average of 28 percent of a users’ day to more productive tasks.”

Though Sendio has other plans up its sleeve, its mission remains the same: to ensure that companies of all sizes and compliance requirements may benefit from the core security and efficiency gains Sendio provides to the workplace.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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