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March 20, 2014

Brainshark Introduces 'SlideShark Anywhere,' to Benefit iOS Device, Computer or Windows 8 Tablet

Brainshark (News - Alert), provider of cloud-based business presentations, has launched SlideShark Anywhere- a full set of professional design tools that extend main features and benefits of SlideShark to PC, Mac and Windows 8 tablet users.

Earlier, SlideShark Anywhere was available on iOS (iPad, iPhone (News - Alert), iPod touch).

SlideShark is a completely new approach to business communications that helps business professionals to make great Powerpoint presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results. It protects your content investment and enables business professionals to instantly access, show and share up-to-date Power Points, and track presentation views and activity.

SlideShark Anywhere can be downloaded from content catalog for SlideShark Team Edition subscribers. The website also include information about how to sign up for a free, 30-day trial with access to SlideShark Anywhere.

Since its launch, SlideShark has been used by many corporate and individual users across 150+ countries and 6 million decks and 180 million slides uploaded to the service.

SlideShark Anywhere addresses PowerPoint's incompatibility on the iPad.

David Klein, Brainshark's vice president of product management, said in a statement, "Now, SlideShark Team Edition users who don't have iPads, along with those who use multiple devices – and want to use their iPad on the road and PC at their desk, for instance – can access SlideShark presentations from a single location and take advantage of the app's presentation features, analytics and other benefits."

With SlideShark Anywhere, companies can give employees the flexibility to access approved presentations, including data on shared and viewed content, decks presented, broadcast session attendees and more.

SlideShark Anywhere features easy to navigate slides using the intuitive, web-based interface. Arrow buttons and/or mouse clicks advance animations and slides.

SlideShark Team Edition provides centralized access to timely, approved content, and track presentation views and activity. It offers details, including who's watching content/when, and also who's presenting it (which deck, time spent on each slide and more), providing otherwise unattainable insights into sales activities and content usage.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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