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March 04, 2014

Verizon Unveils Verizon Cyber Intelligence Center to Combat Cyber Threats

Verizon (News - Alert) Communications Inc. announced the launch of Verizon Cyber Intelligence Center (VCIC), its latest solution to more efficiently combat the growing menace of cyber threats. The newly launched intelligence center will be operational immediately, providing the most advanced capabilities for detecting and tackling the most complicated cyber threats. The announcement comes in the wake of the growing sophistication of the cyber attacks, which are increasingly difficult to detect using conventional security systems.

In a release, Eddie Schwartz, vice president of Global Security Solutions for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, said, “Reliable and high-fidelity cyber intelligence is critical to detecting targeted cyber attacks and to implementing a timely and effective response. Our new Cyber Intelligence Center will provide clients with a powerful weapon in safeguarding vital company information, intellectual property and customer data.”

With the growing number of data breaches, some of them so complex that they go undetected for years while the other attacks take only minutes to shake the roots of an organization’s online data. Organizations are constantly looking out for powerful cyber security solutions to secure their critical assets. Security analysts spend most of their time in understanding data patterns to identify any abnormality across the network, individual systems and each of the application layers.

The VCIC will consolidate data gathered from Verizon’s global IP backbone and the company’s various service engagements, the VERIS framework dataset of cyber incidents, threat management capabilities, big data solutions and similar techniques. The consolidated understanding will empower VCIC to deliver best of the cyber security solutions to the clients.

Schwartz continued, “The VCIC offers even the largest and most sophisticated security teams the opportunity to offload to Verizon the heavy lift associated with critical security analytics and intelligence fusion, and routine tasks, such as log and device management, and truly focus on protecting their precious information assets.”

The company’s wide experience in delivering security solutions across the Americas, Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific, will provide the VCIC analysts access to a tactical database that handles as many as 70,000 security incidents and records more than a trillion data events annually.

Verizon is a leading name in the communication industry providing broadband, wireline and wireless services across the world. The company features prominently in the Dow 30 list with operations spread across 150 countries.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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