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February 26, 2014

ForeScout's CounterACT RemoteControl Provides Endpoint Visibility, Control

Businesses have to cater to the network needs of remote users and mobile and transient devices, as well as accommodate BYOD and cloud computing needs. Hence it has become imperative for businesses to provide an extended enterprise network so that employees can securely access corporate networks and hosted corporate resources.

ForeScout Technologies, a specialist in pervasive network security solutions, plans to launch CounterACT RemoteControl, a solution that will help IT organizations implement a policy to remotely monitor corporate and personally owned devices.

“Our customers are initially stunned to learn of the extent of non-compliant devices accessing network resources,” said Gord Boyce, CEO of ForeScout. “By leveraging ForeScout CounterACT, IT can close these blind spots.”

With the mobile worker population set for a significant increase, more and more employees are asking to use their own PCs and smart devices to conduct business activities online and off the corporate network. Most companies have implemented security policies and host-based security controls like patch management, anti-malware, firewall, intrusion prevention and encryption.

IT organizations use network access control (NAC) solutions to monitor and augment endpoint security for both company-owned and personal devices that are connected to the network, which the ForeScout CounterACT platform can do. However, endpoint compliance does not protect remote and transient devices that are online and this can lead to data leakage and other security exposures. CounterACT’s RemoteControl feature enables IT organizations to gain visibility into remote corporate-issued and BYOD-enrolled devices and implement endpoint compliance policies to devices both on and off the corporate network.

All endpoint security standards can be monitored to track adherence, facilitate mitigation of violations and preempt threats before they reach the corporate network cost effectively. Furthermore user experience is optimized by enabling granular, flexible policies which will inform users about issues before they connect to the corporate network or mitigate the problems.

Recently Rollins College used ForeScout CounterACT solution to manage and secure its network. The college was looking for a solution which could help in managing personally-owned devices over both its wired and wireless networks while also securing its network against devices that do not comply with the college’s security policy, all without impacting end user experience. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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