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February 13, 2014

Publisher Roundtable Strengthens Online Publishing Ecosystem

Publisher Roundtable serves as a collective intelligence platform for online content publishers. This new initiative helps online content publishers to participate in interviews that will offer aggregated strategic insights and customized reports that can help develop their businesses and strengthen the online publishing ecosystem.

Oliver Roup, CEO and founder of VigLink said, “Our goal for Publisher Roundtable is to arm publishers with the objective data and insights they need to make more informed business and marketing decisions.”

“Traditionally, market research has been paid for and owned by the few who can afford it often to their distinct advantage. Our platform brings market research squarely into the hands of everyone who contributes,” Roup added.

As a joint collaboration effort of market research company Netpop and content monetization company VigLink, Publisher Roundtable will be offered free to online publishers of all sizes. The platform will help synergize the capabilities and knowledge of publishers. The founding members include Huddler sites and TextureMedia.

The platform is designed to collect business insights from online publishers covering aspects of business objectives like audience building, content monetization, and content development. This aggregated data can be analyzed to arrive at industry benchmarks and metrics which will throw light on average spend, channel effectiveness, and business operations. A summary report will be produced which can be viewed by participating publishers.

Officials added that publishers will be able to generate custom comparison reports by benchmarking their own performance in comparison to other similar publishers. Also Netpop analysts will study the data and summarize findings in “Tips” reports which will give insights for publishers who can also collaborate with peers on private online forums.

Josh Crandall, Netpop CEO remarked, “As an independent firm, Netpop understands the challenges online publishers face in today’s competitive marketplace. We recognize the power of combining the sharing economy and the need for actionable business intelligence to unlock opportunities that have traditionally been available only to the Fortune 500.”

Recently ProBoards, a global host of free Internet forums, announced a partnership with VigLink to allow anyone who creates or manages a ProBoards forum to generate revenue from their forum’s traffic through VigLink Insert.

By using VigLink Insert, ProBoards admins will tap into a powerful native content monetization platform built atop the only real-time exchange and advertiser auction for link traffic on the Internet today.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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