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February 11, 2014

Cricket Wireless Offer Tips to Valentines to Succeed in 'Digital Courting'

“Digital courting” through texting has been the norm for many Valentines over the past few years. This Valentine’s Day is no different.

A survey conducted by Cricket Wireless reveals that 30 percent of Americans would seek “to be or not to be” through mobile texting. Cricket Wireless warns these users about the potential risks in digital courting and asks them to learn the digital courting code or face tragedy.

New valentines should update their social profiles because they are more likely to be prescreened before the first date. The survey shows more than half (51 percent) of Americans research potential partners' social media networks before meeting them.

Also majority of Americans (81 percent) are not keen to taking “selfies” on first dates. However, some couples use photo after the first date blossoms into a relationship. While 29 percent of Americans would send a sexy photo of themselves to their significant other, 56 percent of Americans show their affection by sending emoticons or Emojis.

Going digital can also cause strains in relationships as found in most cases.

According to the survey, the five most annoying communication habits in relationships are: "The Musing Maniac" who tests the partner’s patience by engaging in music; the "The Cool Caller" who minds games over their partners; “The Careless Communicator" who creates misunderstandings due to vague communications; “The Decision Ditcher" who can never take decisions or is not happy with the decisions made; and "The Smothering Suitor” who texts and calls the partner too frequently throughout the day and week.

After the honeymoon phase, couples should keep their most bothersome qualities at bay or risk getting kicked to the curb, says Cricket Wireless. With 12 percent of Americans reporting they would break up with someone via text, their end might look a lot like their beginning.

In this Valentine’s season, Cricket is offering nationwide unlimited (talk, text, music and data) no-contract rate plans starting as low as $20 per month as part of its "5 lines for $100" multi-line plan promotion.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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