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February 07, 2014

Tegile Adds FlashVols to MASS Architecture to Enhance Performance of SQL Servers

Tegile Systems announced the addition of FlashVols to the Metadata Accelerated Storage System (MASS) architecture for enhancing the performance of SQL servers. FlashVols are additional volumes embedded into SSD to enhance the performance of applications by surpassing the potential delays caused by tiering policies and/or caching algorithms. The new upgrade will be combined with the proprietary de-duplication and compression technologies developed by Tegile. This unique combination will enable organizations to attain flash-grade performance for applications without incurring additional costs of deploying high RPM disk drives.

In a release, Rob Commins, vice president of marketing at Tegile, said, “We've engaged with Microsoft (News - Alert) to optimize performance and reduce the cost of SQL Server storage by eliminating the need to create multiple copies of the same data necessary to deliver the required IOPs, saving time and capacity requirements in test and development and database environments. These savings, in conjunction with de-duplication and compression, help organizations ensure that flash resources are better utilized and more efficient. Additionally, SQL workloads are automatically optimized by the MASS architecture, ensuring that administrators can focus on their database environments rather than their storage infrastructure.”

Tegile’s Zebi range of hybrid storage arrays are designed to deliver flash storage capabilities throughout the data transmission route. The superior IOPS performance feature of the Zebi array significantly reduces the time taken for booting and rebooting applications on all virtual machines and VDI instances. Zebi also significantly increases the storage efficiency on production data through the advanced compression and de-duplication technologies embedded in the array. The patented MASS technology further enhances the performance of Zebi by fostering de-duplication and compression of data during transmission, which significantly boosts the usable capacity of Zebi.

The FlashVols are pinned in the DRAM or in the flash nearest to the SQL server and do not require any intervention from a database administrator. This set-up is ideal for development and testing environments where multiple instances of a single database are used very often. Further, the compression and de-duplication technologies significantly decrease the load from repetitive applications on the SQL Server.

Tegile Systems is engaged in the development of flash-driven hybrid storage arrays to optimize capacity, performance and price associated with virtualization of database applications and file services.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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