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January 29, 2014

Resilinc Rolls-out SupplyIntel 5.0 to Build Resiliency in Multi-tier Supply Chains

Resilinc Corp., announced the launch of SupplyIntel 5.0, a custom built solution to address the bottlenecks associated with multi-tier supply chain visibility, optimized supplier engagement and risk mitigation. The solution is purpose built to address the risk management issues by offering site-level supply chain visibility and required analytics to restructure the supply chain route. SupplyIntel 5.0 is an integrated platform that includes event monitoring, risk quantification and mitigation, multi-tier mapping and survey modules for enabling business continuity, conflict management and supply chain security.

In a release, Bindiya Vakil, CEO at Resilinc, said “Supply chain executives are increasingly challenged to manage and proactively mitigate risk to the business resulting from complex global multi-tier supply chains. However, the task can be extremely time and resource-intensive for companies looking to solve the problem in a one-off fashion for their own enterprise and might require an investment of millions of dollars in tools and multiple expensive resources employed full time. With the new enhancements enabled by SupplyIntel 5.0 we are pushing the envelope further and redefining best in class in supply chain risk management. The resulting cost savings and greater return on investment are critical to our customers' success in today's competitive global economy.”

SupplyIntel 5.0 is a comprehensive solution featuring three proprietary modules including, Resilinc Omniview, Resilinc FlexRisk and Resilinc Supplier Onboarding. The solution can be scaled extensively on demand to meet the needs of a growing business. The entire solution ensures compliance with regulatory frameworks and supports auditing capabilities by allowing clients to view latest reports on supplier onboarding as and when required.

Resilinc Omniview offers organizations to view complex business maps across various tiers in their supply chain to manage supply capacity challenges. Resilinc FlexRisk for Risk Quantification is embedded with patent-pending Risk Scoring Model to identify associated risks at product and part-level across the organization to consolidate supplier financial risk, operation recovery risk, site location risk and other critical operational risks on a single platform. Resilinc Supplier Onboarding eliminates the risk of data duplication by allowing suppliers to share information on Resilinc platform with the customers of their choice.

Resilinc is engaged in the development for enabling resiliency capabilities for supplier chain management across multi-tier, multi-location supplier chains.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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