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January 29, 2014

Comings & Goings: Symantec Corp. Hires New CIO - The Appointment of Sheila Jordan

On Monday of this week, the American computer corporation Symantec, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., announced the hiring of  its next CIO: Sheila Jordan, a former Cisco Systems (News - Alert) executive (senior vice president, IT - Communication and Collaboration). She will become the chief information officer (CIO) of the security firm, Symantec Corp. (News - Alert), effective February 18 and will replace Marty Hodgett, who served as senior vice president and CIO of Symantec. Hodgett left the company recently to take the CIO role at San Bruno, Calif.-based clinical research firm Cord Blood Registry.

Sheila Jordan is thrilled to be joining Symantec next month. In her own words, her “goal is to drive increased productivity, better efficiency and strategic business partnerships, through simple and intuitive experiences for our global workforce.”

Jordan has nine years at Cisco Systems Inc. (having joined Cisco in 2005) where she was responsible (oversaw and managed) all the IT services for Cisco's global workforce, reported Symantec on its website. President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Bennett explained that Jordan’s role will be similar to that at Cisco’s which is to drive the company's information technology efforts, strategy and operations; she will be able to bring a new perspective to the team and also help manage technology investments to ensure the company can stay ahead of IT trends, conveyed The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in a post on its website.

In addition to the hiring of Jordan, a short time ago, Symantec has had an overhaul of its executive team: In July 2012, the company replaced its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Enrique Salem with Chairman Steve Bennett, a former CEO of Intuit (News - Alert) and GE executive. Salem was let go for disappointing earnings performance. Bennett is now in his second year of the company’s two-year strategy redesign. Most recently, however, Symantec’s named Don Rath as interim CFO starting on Jan. 2, as acting chief financial officer (CFO) Andrew Del Matto who had assumed the role in September from Symantec's previous CFO James Beer who left the company for another job. Other Symantec’s top corporate officers include Amit Mital, who worked at Microsoft (News - Alert) for 20 years and has recently succeeded Steve Trilling as chief technology officer at Symantec. Stephen Gillett, instead, went from being CIO of Starbucks to becoming a Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Symantec. And finally, Francis deSouza, president of products and services at Symantec, has also decided to leave the company.  

This major overhauling of Symantec’s executive team comes at a time when the company, one of America’s biggest makers of computer-security software, seeks to increase its IT offerings and performance, said Bennett at the Vision 2013 conference, mentioning also that his company is changing. And with Jordan as the latest addition to the team, the company believes to have the right talent onboard to stay ahead of technology trends: she’ll be able to help drive business forward by developing new technologies and solutions (to advance the Symantec 4.0 plan and retool existing products). The goal is to innovate, develop and execute new products that will satisfy the consumers and also help raise company sales profits, stock and revenue, which as far as financial conditions are concerned have fallen short in recent times. 

As stated by Gillett, "Sheila is a dynamic leader with the experience to build and lead the Symantec IT strategy." He adds that she has the “extensive expertise [needed] in driving enterprise collaboration across multiple channels […] in any environment – from mobile platforms, to the enterprise data center, to cloud-based systems.” Bennett agrees with Gillett that Jordan joining Symantec as CIO will bring leadership initiatives to the company, along with the other newly appointed corporate leaders in the company, to meet business objectives.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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