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January 28, 2014

BlueOSS Talks Cloud Billing, Reveals All-New Cloud Suite at ITEXPO East 2014

Things are heating up for BlueOSS, and not just because the Washington D.C.-based cloud billing service provider is in sunny Miami. As a first-time attendee, the company is looking forward to all that ITEXPO (News - Alert) has to offer, CEO Tim Cook and Co-founder and CTO Youssef Yaghmour told TMCnet at Editor’s Day.

2014 should shape up to be a very promising year for the company, which is entrenched in a rapidly growing and very successful space. In fact, the cloud billing market is slated to grow from $2.4 billion in 2013 to $9.58 billion in 2018 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.9 percent according to Research and Markets.

“We’re trying to commoditize telecom billing in the cloud,” Yaghmour says. “The idea is to make the selling, service, billing and customer experience as simple as possible. Our platform handles all of the complexity that has to exist yet remains completely transparent to both the service provider and the user.”

Perhaps one of the most advantageous aspects of BlueOSS’ platform is that it easily enables users to be in a market that they weren’t able to be in before. The company’s platform empowers companies by sharpening their competitive edge to remain 10 steps ahead of the pack, as there is little to no barrier to entry.

“When companies move to the cloud, there need to be new tools for provisioning and managing, and traditional legacy systems simply can’t handle that,” Cook says.

Antiquated or legacy systems are simply too costly, Cook further reasons. Even if one had the money to spare, there’s simply no way to justify spending so much money to get into the market.  “Our model consists of $0 upfront and has zero contracts and zero commitments.” 

Looking to the market as a whole, one thing that Cook and Yaghmour have taken notice of in the cloud billing space is the need for Unified Communications (News - Alert)-as-a-Service (UCaaS) support.

“The most exciting thing we’ve seen [in the space] is that there has been a need for our customers—resellers—to be able to support the sale of UCaaS for their customer bases,” Cook says, but there is a catch. “The challenge has been that in order to do so, you need a carrier-class billing platform, but carrier-class billing platforms have traditionally been sold as premise-based solutions, which are significantly costly.”

It is true that UCaaS solutions can be expensive to procure, integrate and deploy. BlueOSS is working to meet this business need with its platform, which is fully automated, transparent and can be easily integrated with current infrastructures in order to provide the competitive edge resellers need to enter and survive in the market.

Just today, BlueOSS announced the launch of its fourth-generation Cloud Innovation Suite (CIS), which enables service providers to capture new revenue opportunities as well as improve customer service.

“We’re re-skinning the entire interface to make the platform more specific to the usage of telecom resellers,” Cook told TMCnet of the newest reveal.

The new CIS takes the BlueOSS cloud telecom billing system for UCaaS to the next level by enabling service providers who were previously unable to sell telecom and/or cloud services to immediately bring new services to market—capitalizing on new and untapped revenue as a result.

“For us, it’s great to have one place to meet a lot of different people,” Cook says of his excitement about attending ITEXPO for the first time.

“We’re definitely looking for exposure and hopefully collecting leads,” Yaghmour adds.

Looking to hear more from BlueOSS? You can catch Cook at Friday’s panel session titled, “Building a Managed Service Business” taking place January 31 at 9 AM.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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