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January 28, 2014

Codero Hosting Emerging as the 'SMB Champion' in the Hosting Space

In a sector dominated by big name players like Amazon, Google (News - Alert) and Microsoft, among countless others, small- to medium-size businesses (SMB) in the technology space can oftentimes feel like they are drowning in a sea of large enterprises—and in a sea in which they cannot compete aggressively. And in the e-commerce sector this is no exception. After all, if a local mom and pop shop can’t boast the same uptime, peak performance and availability as an industry-leading company, business can be lost in an instant.

“The reason I wake up every morning—and what keeps our company going—is that we love servicing SMBs,” Codero Hosting CEO Emil Sayegh told TMCnet today at ITEXPO (News - Alert) East 2014 Editor’s Day. “We truly feel that enabling an SMB to be successful in this next wave of evolution means giving them a robust online presence. They are not just storefronts any more.  They need a strong web presence that equals Amazon and Google.”

“We want them to have the same enterprise web quality as the enterprises that they are competing with,” he added. “We are the hosting partner for SMBs; we feel like we are the SMB champion.”

Founded in 1992 as a corner shop selling computer equipment, Codero has emerged as a leading provider of dedicated, managed and cloud hosting services designed to augment the customer experience. The company’s hosting platform of dedicated, managed and cloud services serves thousands of business customers worldwide and hundreds of thousands of both simple and complex web sites and applications, including gaming platforms and back office applications.

So how does Codero appeal to the SMB market? To begin with, the company offers dedicated and managed hosting in addition to cloud hosting, specifically for those companies looking to save money. While there was a period of time in which the going wisdom was to put everything in the cloud, all of a sudden companies are taking a deeper look at their bills and realizing that cloud is very expensive, especially for those e-commerce platforms that boast steady usage throughout the year.

“If you are just a normal e-commerce site where usage is steady it doesn’t make sense to be in the cloud,” Sayegh said. “It’s like living 365 a days in a hotel versus living in an apartment or a house. It’s paying for usage you don’t need. With our offering, you can live in the apartment complex and then visit the hotel for five to six days and then leave.”

Another chief reason Codero appeals to its customer is because of its unparalleled service and support. Currently, many SMBs are not receiving the service they expect as they cannot pick up the phone and call a provider like AWS to troubleshoot problems. Codero makes a big play for this market by becoming an extension of its customer’s IT staff so that the customer does not have to hire additional team members.

Codero is built on service, explains Sayegh noting that “we live and die by service.” For example, if a customer has an issue, Codero takes care of it on the spot because, as a small business, Codero understands the importance of above par service. 

The company also boasts a hybrid product that allows its clients to switch between dedicated and cloud seamlessly, much like a hybrid cloud can easily switch between gasoline and electric.

While at ITEXPO East this week, Codero has one central message it hopes to spread to conference participants: the fact that it can give SMBs the ability to look like an enterprise but on a small budget. Sayegh is speaking on several panel discussions this week, centering on how SMBS can use and benefit from the cloud, whether SMBs should be early adopters of the cloud and how to sift through and pick from the plethora of offerings out there.

In addition to the two panels Sayegh already participated on today, he will be speaking on the following panel discussions at the Cloud4SMB collocated event:

  • “The Cloud of Tomorrow and What it Means,” taking place from 2:30-3:15 pm Thursday, Jan. 30
  • “What You Need to Know About Your Cloud Services Partner,” taking place from 11-11:45 am Friday, Jan. 31

So what’s the story for Codero as we look ahead to the rest of 2014?

“It’s an exciting time right now for Codero,” Sayegh said. “Everybody wants to use the cloud but not many people know how to effectively use it. We want to be the partner with businesses on how to effectively use the cloud in a cost-effective, high-performance manner. Hopefully we will be the next AWS.”

Codero Hosting is exhibiting at ITEXPO at booth 917. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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