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January 24, 2014

Skyfence Launches Cloud Gateway to Protect Cloud Assets Against Threats

The subject of security is one of the most important issues companies have to deal with in today's business environment. Whether it is the allegation of Edward Snowden or the recent breach of Target (News - Alert) and millions of its customers, businesses and consumers alike have come to appreciate the severity of the problem. This is further exacerbated by the introduction of cloud computing, which makes users completely reliant on the service provider for the security of their digital assets. Although there is little you can do about the security at the data centers providing cloud services, Skyfence Cloud Gateway (News - Alert) allows organizations to monitor and secure their applications to prevent account hijacking, insider attacks and data theft.

Skyfence Networks, the company that automates cloud app protection, is the creator of Skyfence Cloud Gateway. By integrating threat prevention, activity monitoring and compliance management, this platform is able to prevent data theft on any cloud application. As more organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, ensuring their applications are protected at all times is essential for business continuity.

According to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), account/service traffic hijacking and malicious insiders are the leading threats organizations face regarding cloud applications. 

By monitoring the activity of the application at all times, organizations will be able to immediately stop any possible breach because of user credential theft. The complete flexibility Skyfence provides along with an automated real-time analysis for the identification of a cyber-attack as well as inside threat as it happens is an invaluable tool at this stage of cloud expansion.

The development of Dynamic User Fingerprinting technology by Skyfence is able to protect cloud applications against theft of legitimate user credentials. Whether it is by hackers or malicious insiders, it is able to detect and block security breaches in real-time without having to define any security policies or human intervention. By creating a profile for each user that is based on several different parameters including usage patterns, recent activity, devices and access location, it is able to detect and prevent account hijacking from compromised endpoints and insider attacks.

The platform also allows IT personnel to set policies regarding how, when and where users can access data. This is made possible by serving as a single gateway for all SaaS (News - Alert) applications for monitoring of activity, not just at the URL level but down to individual data objects. With the unified dashboard IT personnel will be able to view: data usage - who viewed or modified what, when, and how often; administrator activity - Including settings, permissions, and data access; and API activity - external access to SaaS data through an API.

"All of the organizations we have spoken with know and are concerned that their confidential data in cloud apps is at risk if a user’s credentials are stolen and they lack the ability to monitor activity in any meaningful way. Using our expertise in deep protocol analysis, we have built a transparent product that can just as easily detect attacks that come from inside or outside organization, and is able to monitor and capture all activity in any cloud app. The response we are hearing from customers is a sigh of relief," said Ofer Hendler, CEO of Skyfence. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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