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January 20, 2014

NetJapan Unveils ActiveImage Protector 4.0 Linux Edition

NetJapan debuts ActiveImage Protector 4.0 Linux edition, a disaster recovery solution for Linux servers. The company specializes in developing backup and disaster recovery solutions.

The ActiveImage protector 4.0 Linux edition features a unified cross-platform graphical user interface besides incremental backup, inline data deduplication compression (IDDC) and remote file management.

The unified cross-platform graphical user interface is capable of supporting Windows as well as Linux (X Windows) platforms. Also the new graphical user interface delivers simple and unified access to ActiveImage protector’s features and settings on both platforms, said officials.

The incremental backup feature ensures the back up of only that data that has changed since the previous backup. This feature helps save both time and storage space. The remote file management feature administers local as well as remote file systems through a customized cross-platform file browser.

The ActiveImage Protector 4.0 Linux edition disaster recovery solution offers an optimum graphical recovery environment. The upgraded command line recovery environment is offered as a new graphical user interface that ensures better control and management of the recovery process.

The GPT and uEFI support feature helps in the backup and restoration of GPT disks in uEFI boot environments while the Linux logical volume manager support feature restores complex disk and volume structures that are based on Linux logical volume manager.

According to officials the new installer has been enhanced to provide robust installation and configuration capabilities.

ActiveImage Protector 4.0 for Linux also features hot and cold backup, inline data deduplication compression (IDDC), smart sector backup, scheduled backups, live MySQL backup, flexible scripting, boot recovery environment, individual folder and file recovery, remote file browsing, and flexible storage configuration.

NetJapan unveiled imaging backup and disaster recovery licensing solution for virtual machines in cloud environments in August 2013. The solution includes inline data deduplication compression (IDDC). The “ActiveImage protector 3.5 virtual edition cloud license,” is a flexible licensing plan that allows users to apply a single licensed copy of ActiveImage Protector virtual edition on up to five virtual machines in a cloud environment. Current trends in enterprise IT environments are to migrate computers and servers to Cloud computing environments.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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