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January 20, 2014

SAAS Test Environments Booking System Debuts at

In order to be able to deliver efficient support services, the organizations need to maintain an efficient test environment. While provisioning for test environment for various devices, software or infrastructure, organizations may face several challenges. Test environment management helps ease the test process. (TEM) has been designed and implemented to function as “a single source of everything to do with Test Environments Management, from tools to services etc”. As part of this mission TEM provide, tips, techniques, related news, free tools/templates, direct advice etc based on real life experience of the day to day environments related issues that occur across most IT Projects. has recently launched SAAS cloud based Test Environments Booking System (TEBS) and a cloud based test environments provisioning solution.

According to TEM, TEBS is a cloud based, on line test environments booking, planning, scheduling and reporting system. TEBS saves you from holding information on your environments in spreadsheets or other ad-hoc database systems. TEBS has been purpose built to hold information on all your test environments and serve as a single source of facts across all your environments, including who is using which environment, for how long and for what purpose etc.

In a nutshell, TEBS gives you a definitive picture of all your virtualized environments overtime which helps in forward planning and for forecasting your future spend on physical infrastructure etc.

Equipped with a chart, TEBS provides information on environment usage across a period of time, establishing trends, patterns, reporting on usage, availability, inter connectivity or interfacing environments, utilization and conflict reporting etc.

Coming with a calendar feature, TEBS help capture the weekly, monthly and yearly view of what environments are in use and for how long, to assist with overall capacity planning and computer resources allocation.

The service is subscription-based. In order to subscribe, a company has to fill out a form available at the company website.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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