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January 17, 2014

WFT Deploys SAP System Refresh for Kitchenware Manufacturer

Wharfedale Technologies (WFT) announced the successful deployment of SAP (News - Alert) System Refresh, a combination of SAP enterprise storage cloning technology and other SAP applications, for a large kitchenware manufacturer.

The SAP solution was developed by SAP AG, provider of enterprise application software solutions. The use of SAP is growing across many industries as interest in data-driven management solutions increases.

The software encompasses all major aspects of a business, from customer relationship management (CRM) to supply chain management and product development. Its flexibility is appealing to many companies because it can be configured to meet a company’s specific needs.

According to Wharfedale, their client was struggling to meet their business requirements due to the lack of a defined system refresh procedure for the different components of their SAP landscape.

“This had hindered them from making system copies for quality assurance purposes,” the company explained in a statement. “Furthermore, the existing manual process that was followed occasionally was very time consuming. SAP and certain critical post processing steps were also not being executed.”

Wharfedale designed and implemented the system refresh process for the company’s SAP test environment, which used SAP infrastructure and SAP BASIS to refresh the SAP test landscape from the SAP production landscape.

The company updated the system’s infrastructure, aligning the layout of the file systems and configuration of disk groups with the storage cloning requirements. Wharfedale also deployed cloned storage to the appropriate Solaris zones and renamed the system identifier of the Oracle (News - Alert) database for each SAP component. The company explained that the storage cloning was implemented in such a way that federated, single point-in-time copy for all SAP components in the landscape is now enabled.

The solution is designed to perform a SAP system refresh in Solaris and Oracle environments, and aims to provide a repeatable process to perform system refresh for any SAP component, irrespective of the underlying size of the database.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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