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January 10, 2014

GovDelivery UK Releases Research On Ways To Optimize Citizen Engagement and Interaction With Government Services

GovDelivery recently announced that they have spent considerable time in researching and analyzing different methods that can be used to optimize citizen engagement through digital communications and have documented their findings in a whitepaper. The company specializes in public sector cloud-based communication solutions.

The company has analyzed a lot of data and highlighted key points that are useful to increase and strengthen the interaction between citizen engagement and public satisfaction with government services. Some of the key points that are useful to increase engagement include having an extremely user-friendly website that is easy to navigate, maintain an email alert list that allows agencies to provide important information and reminders on an on-going basis to customers and leveraging social media to get real time feedback from the public.

The Southampton City Council, which is one of GovDelivery’s clients, has implemented a number of these digital solutions and has witnessed a significant difference in customer satisfaction. One of the residents said, “In the past I thought the council comic was a chronic waste of taxpayers’ money rather like a 6th form project all good news and bling. I now receive various emails and they are very informative, giving depth to headlines, information about road works and waste, etc. An excellent way to keep the population informed.”

The information provided by GovDelivery will enable government employees to make the most of technology and digital communications so that they can enhance their quality and service levels, thereby going on to increase customer satisfaction and maintain a higher level of interaction.

In a release, Dave Worsell, Director of Government Solutions, GovDelivery said "As part of its emphasis on transparency, the government is committed to increasing levels of citizen engagement and has begun to see the value of digital communications in improving awareness of online services and increasing public trust. This paper looks at research on the deep connection between citizen engagement and satisfaction, as well as case study examples of how the right digital communications strategy can activate a virtuous cycle of improvement and satisfaction, as well as the very meaningful side effect of cost reduction."

GovDelivery has done extensive research by itself as well as used research data from companies such as Capgemini (News - Alert) and the 2020 Public Services Trust at the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts). The company has carefully analyzed the findings from over 1,000 public sector customers and then tabulated the results and key findings. Government agencies will benefit extensively from these findings provided they implement the best practices and strategies that GovDelivery have highlighted.

GovDelivery is confident - based on the research conducted - that these key strategies that involve leveraging technology and digital communications along with a customer centric methodology will significantly increase public interaction and trust.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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