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January 09, 2014

DigitalPersona's TouchChip TCS1 Sensor Used in Fingerprint Readers for China Resident Identity Card

DigitalPersona recently announced that fingerprint readers used in the China Resident Identity Card features its TouchChip TCS1 sensor. Two Chinese manufacturers - Miaxis Biometrics Co., Ltd. and Shandong Synthesis Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., use the DigitalPersona silicon sensor to address all certification needs and to enhance the fingerprint capture process.

In a release, Richard Agostinelli, president and CEO at DigitalPersona said, "With such a large population and wide range of applications, fingerprint biometrics is the most logical choice, from both a security and a cost perspective. It's an impressive identity program and we're thrilled that Miaxis and Synthesis selected our silicon sensor to be part of it. Our silicon solutions have been a popular choice for applications where fast capture and excellent biometric performance are top priorities.”

The new China Resident Identity Card Law which came into effect in January of 2012 stipulates that all citizens should have their fingerprints recorded if they want to either apply for, renew, or replace their resident identity card. Currently more than a billion residents ID cards are active in China; these cards are used by citizens while accessing government services, or while buying homes, for voting purposes, and in other important activities.

DigitalPersona’s TouchChip sensors in addition to being used in fingerprint readers that are used in the China Resident Identity Card have also been implemented within bank ID terminals. Using this unique and advanced identification solution, banks in China have been able to lower instances of teller fraud; the solution works by offering a biometric audit trail for all financial transactions of a customer.

DigitalPersona's extensive suite of silicon touch and swipe sensors have been successfully implemented by both private and public organizations across the globe. These organizations use the advanced sensors in a number of applications such as in logical and physical access control, for mobile identification, as well as other critical government services. The company has designed its silicon touch and swipe sensors to be highly reliable, yet they feature a compact design with low power requirements.

DigitalPersona is a leading provider of an extensive and advanced portfolio of biometrics-based identity verification solutions. The company's solutions are used to secure banking environments, as well as in critical government identity programs and across point-of-sale retail systems.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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