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January 08, 2014

Cloud Elements Announces Availability of its Documents Hub

Cloud Elements recently announced the availability of its "one-to-many" integration platform service - Documents Hub. Designed as a developer tool, the Cloud Element Documents Hub offers a single API for integrating Google Drive, Box (News - Alert), Sky Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft SharePoint via a uniform set of REST application programming interface (API) calls. Using the new Cloud Element Documents Hub, developers will now be able to connect to a wide range of services including Documents, CRM, Service, Marketing, Accounting, quickly and at substantially lower costs compared to other integration approaches currently available.

In a release, Mark Geene, CEO, Cloud Elements said, "Cloud Elements' mission is to make it easier for developers to integrate, monitor and maintain the cloud services their applications depend on. By partnering with Cloud Elements, for the first time developers don't have to choose which service to integrate, but instead they can have all of the leading services integrated into their app for less time than it takes to integrate just one service. Get Box, Dropbox, Google (News - Alert) Drive, Sky Drive, Microsoft SharePoint and more for a fraction of the time and a fraction of the code."

The Cloud Elements Documents Hub offers users one console for provisioning, integrating, monitoring, and managing all of these services. Designed with an integrated platform, the Documents Hub offers seamless interactions between all popular document storage providers. Software developers using Cloud Elements' Documents Hub can quickly and cost-effectively add different documents and file storage services to their SaaS (News - Alert) applications. New document and file services will be added to the Documents Hub regularly. 

Neil Smith, CEO, Slidefish, said "The Cloud Elements Documents 'Elements' take a huge amount of pain away from us. Not having to worry about ongoing API changes from the various cloud document storage providers means that we can integrate with their services much faster, on a larger scale and more reliably than we could on our own." Slidefish is a Sydney, Australia-based documents sharing, feedback and analytics tool which has integrated the Cloud Elements Documents Hub.

One of the biggest problems that SaaS application developers face today is to keep abreast with the quickly and widely expanding number of cloud services which their applications need to work with. Till now, SaaS applications developers had to write a customized, one-off integration for each document service to ensure integration of all the services. However, using Cloud Elements, developers will need to write a single API; the Documents Hub will go ahead and connect their application to the expanding list of cloud services such as Google Drive, Box, Sky Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft (News - Alert) SharePoint. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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