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December 13, 2013

ViaSat Presents Ka-band System to Deliver High-speed In-flight Internet Experience

Representing a dramatic advance in airline technology, ViaSat (News - Alert) Inc.’s high-capacity Ka-band system is delivering high-speed in-flight experiences.  The new service is developed to designed to deliver high-quality Internet that fulfill high passenger demand for connectivity, eclipsing the service quality and speeds of other in-cabin airline services that can serve only a small number of passengers at low speeds.

Don Buchman, ViaSat director of mobile broadband, said in a statement, "Exede in the Air changes the game and we think passengers are really going to enjoy a fast online experience that's more like what they get at their home or office for in-flight email, web browsing, social media, and other common Internet activities. We want to thank our partners JetBlue and LiveTV for driving this first opportunity to deliver our transformational Internet service to air travelers."

The ViaSat high-capacity satellite service allows airlines to provision a high-speed service level to each passenger, rather than simply an aggregate amount of bandwidth to the plane that leaves passengers competing for service. The system includes a LiveTV portal, aircraft Wi-Fi system and integration for JetBlue, and is capable of delivering 12 Mbps or more to each connected passenger.

The high-capacity ViaSat system is developed and designed to fulfill the increasing consumer demand for higher speed connections to their mobile devices.

An innovative Ka-band satellite system can also operate on the ground, enabling airlines to take advantage of the recent FAA ruling allowing passengers to use their personal electronic devices at all stages of flight, with gate-to-gate Wi-Fi connections.

The major differentiator is an innovative Ka-band satellite system, feature ViaSat-1, recognized as the World's Highest Capacity Communications Satellite with a Guinness World Records title. The network service is now FCC (News - Alert) licensed in North America and FAA certified for operation on Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 aircraft.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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