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December 13, 2013

0xdata Announces Native Support for Scala in H2O

0xdata, a provider of open source machine learning and predictive analytics for big data, announced full support for Scala in H2O.

Scala is one of the fastest growing language and application communities in big data and machine learning. The software is designed for real-time data pipelining and domain specific applications. It is marked by the ability to concisely express solutions in an elegant, type-safe and lightweight manner. The software brings scripting and functional expressive power natively to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

By adding Scala support, H2O is further democratizing big data science by bringing functional and next generation programmers to data science. As a result H2O users can model big data from within Microsoft (News - Alert) Excel and RStudio and connect it with data from HDFS, object stores like Amazon S3, or SQL and NoSQL sources.

The software can be installed and deployed anywhere – on desktop, Amazon EC2 or big Hadoop clusters. With a simple click, data models can be transformed into production-ready scoring engines for low latency application scenarios.

Open source H2O is regarded as the industry's fastest in-memory prediction engine for big data. The software provides parallel and distributed advanced algorithms on big data at speeds up to 100X faster than other predictive analytics providers.

H2O’s support for Scala gives developers the ability to embed and extend pre-built predictive algorithms such as Classifications, Regressions, Decision Trees and Deep Learning into data products, the company said.

 JVM byte code emitted by Scala runs far more efficiently on distributed systems using H2O’s extremely fast in-memory processing and code optimized for a Java Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler.

Scala has become one of the leading languages for big data. With open source H2O, Scala users can analyze distributed in-memory data sets and run wickedly fast intelligent applications and data products, said SriSatish Ambati, 0xdata’s CEO.

 “We are JIT'ing JVM friendly code for Scala designers and made it simple to add massively scalable predictive analytics to any application architecture built on the JVM runtime,” Ambati said.

By offering support for Scala into H2O, 0xdata has made it possible to easily and quickly integrate extremely fast predictive analytics capabilities into Scala-based applications, said Martin Odersky, creator of Scala, in a statement.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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