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December 10, 2013

Infoblox Launches Advanced DNS Protection with Integrated Defense Mechanism

Infoblox (News - Alert) Inc. announced the launch of Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection solution featuring integrated defense mechanism against various Domain Name System (DNS) threats including Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, malformed queries, cache poisoning, tunneling and other similar threats. The new launch from Infoblox is the first such DNS server with integrated security features and offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions currently available with external solutions.

Steve Nye, executive vice president of product strategy and corporate development at Infoblox, said, “Security is better when it’s built in, not bolted on. By intelligently integrating security directly into a DNS appliance, Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection delivers a depth of defense against DNS attacks that is far more robust and insightful than relying on a jumble of separate devices and services.”

DNS service is the lifeline of all destinations on the Internet and hence, one of the most susceptible targets for cyber crimes, hacking and other malicious activities. Infoblox’s new release to combat these threats will include Infoblox Advanced Appliance and the Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection Service and is expected to be available in the market by January 2014.

The preferred targets for DNS attacks are generally telecom and internet service providers as crumbling DNS infrastructure at the service provider location can disturb internet activity across all the client locations. The new solution from Infoblox includes high-capacity models custom-built for carrier-grade performance allowing for early detection of DDoS and other DNS attacks, thus ensuring a remedial action before significant damage could take place. The new Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection allows service providers to modify their security infrastructure by providing timely updates on new and emerging threats.

Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection is programmed to distinguish between legitimate and malicious traffic related to DNS queries enabling the system to respond only to legitimate queries. The solution allows organizations to identify malicious DNS traffic across all Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection appliances integrated on their network through a single console, thus enabling easy management of threats. The embedded automatic update service updates new rules on the Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection appliance empowering the system to identify and fix new threats and attacks.

Infoblox is engaged in the development and distribution of Automated Network Control solutions enabling its approximately 7,000 clients to secure and scale their networking infrastructure. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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