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November 01, 2013

SafeNet Introduces Complete Encryption Solution on AWS Marketplace

The popularity of Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS) is undeniable. From using the cloud computing platform for Web, mobile and social applications to the storage and processing of large data sets, to running mission critical enterprise applications and providing disaster recovery capabilities, AWS has become a dominant force in all things cloud computing related.

What has been an issue for many in the enterprise IT world who already have AWS in their arsenal or are evaluating its services is concerns about just how secure all of the data moving around and accessible anywhere is and what steps can be taken to make it more secure.

Data protection solutions provider SafeNet (News - Alert), Inc. has introduced enhancements to its SafeNet ProtectV solution that provide enterprise IT the tools they need to answer those questions about AWS and data security. The new SafeNet ProtectV enhancements will allow customers to encrypt Amazon EC2 workloads and maintain full ownership of encryption keys, with no need for on-premises hardware. 

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In fact, SafeNet ProtectV with Virtual KeySecure is now available to run entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and is compatible with AWS CloudHSM, allowing customers to retain full ownership of their encryption keys while deploying entirely in the cloud. In addition, through the AWS Marketplace, SafeNet ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure are available in a pay-as-you-go pricing model similar to AWS cloud services. In short, you only pay for what you need when you need it, and have the flexibility of using the solution for those sensitive areas like compliance where data integrity is paramount.

The value of SafeNet’s encryption and key management solutions are in the enablement of AWS customers to move even their most sensitive data and applications into the cloud while maintaining high levels of data protection.

Encryption and minding the keys matters

As recent headlines and revelations have exposed, the explosion of vectors of vulnerability and the resulting need to have more comprehensive visibility over where data is stored, how it is moved and by whom, to where, when and why, has intensified enterprise interest in strong encryption for mission critical data, including emails and file sharing.

This is not just because of high-level security concerns, but also because of compliance and audit reasons (where a lack of compliance can be very costly). It is driving the need for cost-effective encryption tools that enable policy and rule enforcement so companies of all sizes can comply with corporate governance and government mandates. In fact, this is why with so much enterprise data going to cloud services like AWS, services with added security makes sense.

“Security is top of mind for organizations migrating sensitive data to the cloud,” said Wendy Nather, research director, Enterprise Security Practice, 451 Research (News - Alert). “Part of the problem is orchestrating security policies and key management across different environments. However, as companies like SafeNet make their offerings available both on premise and for cloud platforms such as AWS, enterprises can feel more confident that they are creating the same level of security across the board.”

What SafeNet is offering through the AWS Marketplace is the following:

  • Encryption - ProtectV is a high-availability encryption solution with pre-boot authentication for protecting entire virtual machine instances and storage volumes.
  • Key Management - Virtual KeySecure is a hardened virtual security appliance that manages and securely stores the encryption keys for ProtectV.

It should come as no surprise that AWS is pleased with having ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure available for its customers. Terry Wise, director of Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, AWS, commented that: “We are excited to work with SafeNet to make ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure available to customers in the AWS Marketplace. The combination of SafeNet’s enterprise encryption and key management, along with AWS’ highly scalable, secure and flexible platform, is a compelling offering for customers deploying sensitive workloads in AWS. Making these solutions available on the AWS Marketplace provides customers with a simple, trusted, and secure way to quickly leverage SafeNet security offerings on demand.”

“SafeNet ProtectV is a complete, well-designed solution that runs in AWS environments,” said Marcus Fritsche, chief technology officer, Informa (News - Alert) Group IT. “ProtectV gives us a robust, well-defined process for protecting data so we can effectively retain the control we need over our sensitive information, harnessing the business benefits of AWS cloud offerings securely.”

For those interested in kicking the tires, SafeNet will demonstrate their Data Protection Solutions for AWS, including Encryption Service, at the AWS re:Invent Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 12-15, 2013. And, if you can’t make it in person you may wish to check out instructional videos for installing and configuring ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure in AWS Marketplace.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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