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October 04, 2013

Lumeta IPsonar ESI Offers Comprehensive Cyber Situational Awareness

Lumeta Corporation, a company specialized in solutions for network leak detection, visualization and discovery, recently announced the general availability of IPsonar ESI (News - Alert), a product for enterprise security intelligence (ESI) that provides a continuous security monitoring solution. Lumeta first announced the addition of IPsonar ESI to its product suite in June.

IPsonar allows companies to detect any devices or connection on their network through continuous surveillance. This tool can be invaluable for IT professionals in businesses as it providers them not only with real-time alerts, but also with network security analytics.

Continuous monitoring is actually a requirement for many businesses that handle sensitive data and need to prove that every effort is made to safeguard them. With clients including agencies of the U.S. government and companies in the banking, finance and pharmaceuticals sectors, IPsonar can really add value to Lumeta’s offer.

What makes IPsonar ESI stand out from previously released products with similar functions is the use of a hybrid technique that encompass scanning (active discovery), network listening (passive discovery) and device profiling. This allows IT staff to always have a complete picture of the entire network with every new device attached or connection created to be immediately detected and mapped. The tool is also able to identify cloud connections and stealthy devices.According to Lumeta CTO, Matt Webster, “In today’s environment of widespread cyber-intrusions and advanced persistent threats […] it is essential for government agencies and commercial enterprises to have real-time accurate intelligence of their enterprise security posture.” As a result, IPsonar has been compiled with this purpose in mind.

Complete network topology and surveillance is guaranteed through the use of IPsonar functionalities, which include zone segmentation: The tool, in fact, allows users to create zones with different rules and policies. This is important in businesses or entities with different requirements across their platform or with offices geographically dislocated and subject to different regulations.

IPsonar also offers dynamic data visualization able to provide a comprehensive network topology for simple or complex networks using auto-layout maps or user-defined maps. It also offers IPv6 support and allows IT staff to detect any vulnerabilities as IPv6-enabled devices are configured. 

A comprehensive dashboard provides real-time data and alerts as well as visual analytics to network security administrators allowing them to act quickly and effectively as the need arises.

The IPsonar suite promises to provide comprehensive protection from common and newly-developed network threats, but it also provides managers with the data and information necessary to addresses today’s security initiatives and compliance of their network. It also allows them to make decisions impacting availability and safely integrate newer trends and technologies, including BYOD, cloud computing, outsourcing, software-defined networks (SDN), access control and big data. Lumeta and its partners (like Juniper Networks) offer IPsonar ESI at the starting price $75,000 as perpetual software license. The product is flexible enough to allow simplified integration options for third-party products through an open API.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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