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September 19, 2013

A2iA's Software Ranked First in Document Analysis and Recognition at ICDAR Conference 2013

A2iA a developer of cursive handwriting and machine-printed recognition, data extraction and document classification software has won in a competition sponsored by FamilySearch, a genealogy organization.

The company was picked for its document analysis and recognition capabilities displayed while indexing images of Mexican marriage licenses. This competition was held in the 2nd international workshop on historical document imaging and processing (HIP) during the ICDAR Conference 2013.

Jean-Louis Fages, A2iA President and chairman of the board said, “We are very proud of our researchers. They are among the world’s best in their field and demonstrate, once again, the ability of our research center is to locate, capture and indexing the most complex data, A2iA helps preserve history by making data searchable, flexible and reportable without the need for human labor.”

The international conference on document analysis and recognition or ICDAR is a scientific event held to promote the field of document analysis and recognition held in Washington D.C. In the event, participants submitted the results that they obtained using their automated recognition system from historical Mexican documents which were in Spanish.

Previously A2iA took the first place at ICDAR 2011 for French handwriting word and text recognition and also for obtaining accurate results at Family Search IRIS and NIST OpenHart competitions.

The new international award further reiterates A2iA’s expertise in developing software for cursive handwriting recognition technology. This software can be used to glean information from historic documents and archives gathered from anywhere in the world.

The specialized and highly intelligent software developed by A2iA enables users to accomplish data capture, document processing and workflow automation easily. The software leverages proprietary recognition technologies like handwriting recognition, intelligent word, optical character recognition and automatic classification engines. These help streamline complex data extraction and document processing for customers, said officials.

The recently announced A2iA Mobility, as a part of CFS’s application, DepositWizard Mobile will help users to process checks without relying on a server connection, alleviating banks and credit unions of hefty operating costs.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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