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March 20, 2013

Kognitio Facilitates Completely Parallel 'R' Using External Scripts

Kognitio has unveiled enhancements to the Kognitio Analytical Platform. The latest enhancements facilitate completely parallel NoSQL competences, like the R language for statistical computing and graphics.

The latest version of the Kognitio Analytical Platform was unveiled at the Gartner (News - Alert) Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit 2013, hosted in Grapevine, Texas. Apart from showcasing its technology at the conference, Kognitio will also be backing an educational session comprising of case studies on the development of "big data." The session will also detail the manner in which the Kognitio Analytical Platform has assisted customers in media, retail and customer loyalty analytics.

Parallelizing R is a novel competence offered by the revolutionary external scripting functionality. A user is able to use any programming language capable of running under Linux from inside the Kognitio platform environment with External Scripting. According to major analysts, this competence is one of the key characteristics of "logical data warehouse." Distributed processing, a budding best practice for analytical data administration, is facilitated with the data science lab functionality delivered by this competence.

With the volumes of data increasing quickly, it is difficult to carry out computationally extreme processes like product predicting, Monte Carlo scoring and robust clustering. The Kognitio Analytical Platform can now instantaneously address the rising requirement for increasingly-faster results from businesses.

In a statement, Paul Groom, chief innovation officer at Kognitio said, "Our internal testing has shown statistical algorithms executed in R run thousands of times faster due to the ability to simply parallelize standard scripts with industry-standard SQL managing data flows and aggregations. Data sets with billions of rows are automatically partitioned and fed to thousands of parallel R instances with results flowing back into standard SQL constructs."

According to Groom, the Kognitio Analytical Platform will assist data scientists in designing R jobs by parallelizing and running thousands of jobs rapidly from one query. As the data is already stored in memory, data scientists will be able to carry out complete parallel processing from inside the analytical platform environment. Data can be brought straight into RAM (News - Alert) from several sources like Hadoop with the Kognitio external tables functionality.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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