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February 22, 2013

Ohloh Data Indicates Organizations' Increasing Commitment to Open Source Projects

Companies, educational institutes and non-profit organizations’ contribution to open source projects are not a new phenomenon but the data from Ohloh, a globally used developer resource for evaluating and tracking open source projects, contributors and code, suggest that in recent times companies have increased their commitment significantly. Companies have increased their participation by contributing more to such projects.

26 organizations are using Ohloh to track their contributions and projects. These organizations include corporate open source sponsors 10Gen, Salt Stack, Sony Mobile and Yahoo! Inc.; foundations like Apache Software Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, Gentoo Foundation, Mozilla (News - Alert) Foundation, OpenStack Foundation, Outercurve Foundation and WikiMedia; open source communities including KDE Community, OpenMRS and the Tiki Association; and industry alliances including the GENIVI Alliance and the OpenXC Research Platform. These 26 organizations together represent over 1,000 organization-related open source projects that involve nearly 9,000 committers, more than 25,000 contributors and over 386,295,178 lines of code.

"Ohloh has become an extremely important resource, and with this tracking and aggregation capability, it becomes a key quantification tool for organizations, too," said Jim Jagielski, President, Apache Software Foundation, in a statement. "The Apache Software Foundation currently tracks its projects on Ohloh, and the value we're finding from this aggregation is truly unique. It helps in determining the health and viability of projects, as well as the diversity requirements crucial in graduation from the ASF Incubator."

With the help of Ohloh Organizations, corporations, foundations, nonprofits, educational institutions and government entities can identify affiliated projects and aggregate key metrics about their overall community and project growth. Ohlo’s newly introduced Project Activity indicator makes it easier to estimate the concentration of activity for individual projects.

"Ohloh Organizations signifies a shift in the open source movement that it has matured beyond individual side projects to become a space where corporations can participate and succeed," said Steve Francia, Chief Evangelist, 10gen. "We use the organizations feature to understand usage patterns and trends across the many projects and communities we contribute to."

"All types of organizations, from public companies to non-profits, recognize the value of open source participation," said Jim Berets, Vice President of Product Management, Black Duck. "By tracking this activity via Ohloh, organizations gain insight into and help encourage enhanced participation in their open source projects and communities."

Edited by Rich Steeves

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