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February 21, 2013

MIR3 Unveils TelAlert Advanced

IT functionality is critical for businesses, and every hour of downtime has a direct correlation with lost revenue. MIR3, a developer of Intelligent Notification and response software, has a proven solution in TelAlert, for managing critical IT incidents and minimizing costly downtime by automatically alerting relevant staff when IT systems lag or fail.

Frank Madhavi, chief strategy officer for MIR3, recently confirmed the availability of a new version of TelAlert, the TelAlert Advanced. The new version comes with New SaaS (News - Alert) components and enhanced functionality.

Based on the well-respected automated alerting product, TelAlert, TelAlert Advanced has an intuitive Web-browser GUI and its own application database that allows it to continue to send alerts even if it loses Web connectivity.

Used by more than 4,000 organizations around the world, TelAlert has been a favorite of IT professionals seeking the most reliable solution for automated IT event alerting for 20 years. TelAlert works with any system; custom integration is possible with virtually any application using the command line interface, the C or Java APIs.

The upgraded system has everything that the TelAlert core product has, but makes it easier to manage groups, schedules and reports using a modular, distributed architecture and an intuitive Web-browser GUI. Moreover, the optional RBA Integrator uses run book automation to provide data processing and workflow logic to fine-tune interactions between applications and TelAlert.

Additionally, TelAlert Advanced has its own application database, synchronized to the TelAlert memory resident database. In case the Web application loses connectivity, TelAlert will continue to send alerts.

TelAlert Gateway (News - Alert), a SaaS component, increases TTS delivery throughput, improves the user experience for TTS recipients and fully supports Intelligent Notification call-bridge functionality.

The TelAlert Gateway can be added to either TelAlert or TelAlert Advanced.

Earlier in August 2011, MIR3 launched Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), designed to help customers automate notification from existing and legacy IT service management (ITSM) applications and business processes.

Edited by Braden Becker

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