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February 19, 2013

Mentor Graphics Moves Proprietary Front-End UML Editor into the Open Sources Domain

Mentor Graphics (News - Alert), a provider of electronic hardware and software design solutions, products and consulting services, moved its proprietary front-end UML editor into the open sources domain making it easily accessible for free downloads from

Lee Riemenschneider, chief scientist at frogooa, a software development consultancy specializing in Executable UML, said, “The xtUML editor is one of the best tools available for creating Executable UML models. It makes development work much easier than other UML tools in the market.”

The UML editor was part of the Mentor Graphics BridgePoint xtUML environment. This initiative to make the editor free and making it into an open source software project by March, 2013 is expected to drive model-driven development within the system design community.

In systems engineering, models are widely used for documenting or communicating design intent and a development flow based on the model development style will help in making a conceptual model. This will then evolve into a detailed design representation ending with it becoming its automated implementation for the target platform.

The model-driven development is deeply based on the principle that the application development and verification are independent of implementation target. This helps ensure optimum productivity, flexibility, and reuse, said officials.

Users can focus on solving application problems by leveraging platform-independent models and need not focus on implementation. Also, high levels of abstraction enable easy capture of design which can be verified efficiently. The xtUML editor serves as platform-independent modeling software which uses model-driven development methodology.

UML modeling language helps in creating abstract models of software-intensive systems. Also the xtUML develops UML language from being a static picture drawing facility to a model-driven development solution.

The code includes an xtUML meta-model, an xtUML model of the BridgePoint environment, and the Java source that interfaces with the Eclipse environment. The xtUML editor ensures intelligent UML modeling with syntactic correctness and semantic consistency.

Recently, Mentor Graphics announced that NXP Semiconductors was part of the Mentor Embedded Nucleus Innovate Program and its participants can access board support packages for NXP Semiconductor microcontroller devices.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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