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February 01, 2013

HID Global's CTO Reveals the Top Secure Identity Trends of 2013

On January 31, HID Global Corporation, a trusted worldwide provider of secure identity solutions and a complete line of security services for different industries as well, released its projections for the top secure identity trends of 2013.

There are in fact 10 secure identity trends said to influence how organizations will create, use and manage secure identities.

HID Global’s senior vice president and chief technology officer (CTO), Selva Selvaratnam, reveals these 10 trends that he believes will come about this year for secure identity industries. Of those mentioned are technologies that will continue to evolve, the kind of impact they’ll have on market direction and those that will drive increases in security.

The CTO even discloses which devices will provide solutions to organizations to reduce deployment and operational costs, as well as which will be of value to consumers.

Here are the 10 secure identity trends that according to HID Global's CTO will unfold this year:

  1. Frictionless solutions | It’s foreseen that users will not want innovative security solutions that may slow them down or prevent them from moving forward. The CTO believes there will surely be an interest in those technologies that ensure interoperability, adaptability and credential portability.
  2. Mobile access control adoption | Solutions like HID Global's iCLASS SE readers that support Near Field Communication (NFC) and can deliver enhanced functionality for future applications, are likely to accelerate and become the new trend for mobile users.
  3. NFC-enabled handsets with secure elements will still coexist with cards. NFC technology is thought to surge and be essential for a number of functionalities and devices.
  4. Access control will continue for NFC and mobile communication. The standardization of SIM cards and NFC chipsets is said to progress and greatly improve security.
  5. Card technology migration will also advance moving forward. Important developmental changes for magstripe and prox cards are expected, which will show the way to newer, better and smarter smart cards.
  6. Identity management (IdM) services will move to the cloud. (IdM) has been crucial in cloud computing as it distributes identity information across security domains; likely to evolve into supporting new managed services.
  7. Secure issuance solution advancements | This is expected to make it easier to create and distribute more secure cards. A product like HID Global’s secure issuance solution, the FARGO printer/encoders for custom card personalization, may be one of those products considered by end users.
  8. Specifications for NFC tags will change as well, expected to continue to ensure high security and protect consumers’ assets.
  9. FIPS-201-defined technologies are thought to move beyond supporting only the U.S. federal government and provide for commercial uses too. It’s expected to be also used to achieve security assurance for multiple applications, in addition to specifying Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements for Federal employees and contractors.
  10. IP-based access control systems will remain apt network solutions for end-users. It’s believed they will soon feature integrated visitor management capabilities.

These are only highlights of the upcoming trends that the CTO projects will take place in 2013. Those interested in obtaining detailed descriptions of the 10 mentioned secure identity trends can visit HID Global's blog to know more. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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