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January 31, 2013

Entrust Takes Product Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan

One of the most important points to the entire concept of the Internet is security. We all want our data protected and kept safe from the various unethical hackers and other assorted marauders out there, and we depend on that to happen in order to allow us to pull out those credit cards when we see something we want or need online. Frost & Sullivan (News - Alert) recently offered a note of recognition to Entrust, who's been making something of a splash in the secure sockets layer (SSL) market, and recognized the company accordingly with the 2013 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership.

So what drew Frost & Sullivan's attention to Entrust? Start with its sheer ubiquity; Entrust's (News - Alert) public root is found on over 99.9 percent of browsers, in both desktop and mobile flavors. Entrust focuses on high assurance certificates for SSL, with a background in Organizational Validation and Extended Validation. Entrust can also offer a variety of different forms of certificate overall, each offering a little something different when it comes to the actual effect of the certificate.

For example, Entrust offers what are known as Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificates, as well as elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) hybrid certificates. Not only are such certificates powerful encryption tools, they also work well with most current browsers, making them an excellent overall solution in terms of protection. They're actually described as the strongest in certificates as relates to SHA-1, SHA-2, and ECC.

Entrust also offers a centralized portal to manage certificates currently issued or get new ones, allowing for the rapid movement of certificates from purchase to activation--some reports say the certificates can be issued in just minutes--and has even recently put some extra punch in its CMS platform, allowing for self-service on things like permissions for read-only users.

Richard Martinez, a research analyst with Frost & Sullivan, had some additional words of praise about Entrust, saying, "Its Certificate Management Service (CMS) and Discovery solutions facilitate certificate management and mitigate the consequences of hitherto inefficient processes or documentation. CMS gives users the choice of unit-based or concurrent license certificate models, while Discovery allows them to scan internal networks for certificates of all types, regardless of the issuing certification authority."

That's a pretty powerful overall package. Given the rise of new technologies and new philosophies--the rise of mobile devices and the acceptance of them at the corporate level, as commonly expressed by the bring your own device (BYOD) principle--it makes sense to have greater security not at the device level, but at the site level. There's word that Entrust is even planning to accommodate these things in the near future by bringing in more kinds of mobile device certificates, which can in turn help companies considering BYOD, but who have concerns about security issues.

Still, between what Entrust is already offering, and what they have plans to offer, shows that they not only have a commitment to providing the security necessary for today, but also the security that will be most valuable tomorrow. That's the kind of philosophy that keeps companies interested in working with Entrust, and also the kind that keeps places like Frost & Sullivan interested and offering the company awards to match.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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