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January 23, 2013

Intel Releases New Series of 22-nm Based Ivy Bridge Processors

To provide an upgrade path for low end processors, Intel (News - Alert) has released a new series of Ivy Bridge processors using state-of-the-art 22-nm process technology. Besides adding new members to the Celeron and Pentium families, the semiconductor giant also added a new line, the Core i3.

According to Slash Gear, Intel has released new Ivy Bridge processors that are priced lower for cost conscious system designers. As per this report, the chip giant has unwrapped three new Celeron processors, four Pentiums, and a new Core i3-3210. The pricing starts at $42 and goes as high as $117.

While the Celeron chips offer 2 MB of L3 cache, HD integrated graphics, and ranges from 2.3 GHz to 2.7 GHz clock speed, the Pentiums include 3 MB of L3 cache, HD integrated graphics, and clocks in from 2.5 GHz to 3.2 GHz. Similarly, the flagship CPU Core i3-3210 comes with HD 2500 graphics and clocks around 3.2 GHz.

The Slash Gear report shows that the new processors are compatible with Intel’s lag existing Socket 1155. Thus, ensuring that there is no need to upgrade the motherboard when you migrate to the budget friendly CPUs.  The report indicates that the Celeron and Pentium chips do not include hyper-threading. So, those who are seeking a high performance processor, the $117 Core i3 might fit the bill, wrote Slash Gear reporter Joel Hruska.

Intel’s new processors go into production today. Although, it is predicted that the Ivy Bridge architecture will have a short life, it will be a huge attraction for budget conscious builders who are looking for a decent CPU at a really great price, wrote Hruska.

Media reports show that the new Celeron processors are 55 W parts with one 35 W low-power variant. And speed is similar to the older version. While the new Core i3-3210 is an upgrade with hyper-threading. Observers believe that Intel has moved the low-end processors to 22-nm because the yields are good enough for the company to keep margins high for profitability.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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