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January 15, 2013

Server Technology, RF Code to Create Tomorrow's Power-Efficient Data Center Industry through Smart Monitoring

It’s not without reason that data centers are often portrayed as electricity-guzzling giants that damage the environment. But the industry is rolling up its sleeves in efforts to remove that label.

In its ongoing battle to reduce energy consumption, the data center market recently welcomed a new collaboration between RF Code and Server Technology (News - Alert). The two companies have attempted to bring the best of both worlds to the data center industry by combining RF Code's expertise in sensors information with Server Technology's experience in power monitoring.

When it comes to operating energy-friendly data centers, RF Code’s   RFID-based solutions are often the preferred choice of the IT pros seeking to keep the technology environment at its healthiest.

Server Technology’s expertise lies in rackmount power distribution technology that has helped a number of data centers achieve superior energy efficiency. 

The two companies are set to roll out an integrated data center solution that would make achieving energy efficiency in data centers a lot easier and much more economical.

The joint solution, according to a recent statement, will make it easier to monitor and manage the factors that impact the efficient, profitable operation of a data center.

The joint solution will combine RF Code's wire-free Sensor Manager technology with Server Technology's Sentry Power Manager (SPM) data center power monitoring solution.  

Via an SPM API integration, the service will support the flow of information from RF Code's sensors into SPM software. This will enable data center operators to obtain a consolidated view of power and environmental data.

RF Code's sensors keep tabs on a range of environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, fluid detection and more. In order to ensure greater security, opening and closing of doors are monitored as well.  

Alarms are given out in the occasions when temperature, humidity, air pressure and dew point exceed their appointed levels.

“From the CIO and CFO down, everyone involved with data center and facilities operations is concerned about the rising cost of power and cooling and the impact environmental conditions can have on data availability or uptime – whether from a bottom line, availability, operations, risk or compliance perspective. This solution empowers executive and operational decision makers to make critical financial and business continuity decisions to increase data center efficiency,” vice president of marketing at RF Code, Richard Jenkins, observed in a statement.

A couple of months ago, RF Code  announced a first-of-its kind Proximity solution that provides an additional layer of security for a company's critical assets. The new solution provides a completely automated method of correlating personnel location and event occurrence within restricted areas, such as cages in a data center that house servers running transactional data. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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