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January 14, 2013

StrikeForce Announces Anti-Keylogging Keystroke Encryption for Microsoft Windows 8

Identity theft is on rise. Hackers are stealing the identities of people in order to access resources and credit card information.

To safeguard this kind of theft, StrikeForce Technologies, Inc., a creator and key patent holder for two factor out-of-band authentication as well as an anti-keylogging keystroke encryption technology, has unveiled GuardedID Anti-Keylogging Keystroke Encryption software for the Microsoft (News - Alert) Windows 8 Operating System.

StrikeForce has introduced GuardedID, which claims to be the single most important security program that consumers and corporations need to protect themselves. It overcomes the inadequacies of anti-virus software by encrypting each and every keystroke in real-time, therefore protecting your computer, even if you are infected with keylogging malware.

GuardedID takes a proactive approach to stopping malicious keylogging programs by encrypting every keystroke at the point of typing, and rerouting those encrypted keystrokes directly to users Internet Explorer browser through its own unique path. GuardedID bypasses the typical places keyloggers normally reside, thereby helping to eliminate the vulnerability of keylogging attacks, which could compromise users personal information causing financial losses.

"The biggest misconception that people have about anti-virus software is that they think it actually protects them from every type of threat, unfortunately, that's just not true," says Mark L. Kay, CEO of StrikeForce Technologies. "Test results from industry leaders have shown that anti-virus software is only about 25 percent effective in stopping threats; but you won't hear that from the anti-virus vendors."

GuardedID is designed as a toolbar for user’s browser that helps them to work offline securely as well as e-mail, browse, shop and bank online with confidence knowing that each and every keystroke is protected and not being transmitted to an awaiting identity thief.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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