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December 26, 2012

TPC's New VMS Specification Defines Performance Metrics for Virtualized Databases

Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC), a non-profit corporation that focuses on defining transaction processing and database benchmarks, recently made available a new TPC-VMS specification. The TPC-VMS (Virtual Measurement of Single-System) specification will serve to further enhance TPC’s currently available suite of benchmarks, which include TPC-C, TPC-E, TPC-H and TPC-DS, by more accurately identifying a methodology for comparing performance workloads of virtualized databases.

In a statement, Wayne Smith, chairman of the TPC-VMS committee, said, “TPC-VMS is the first specification in the industry that enables comparison of performance workloads running enterprise database applications across several virtual machines. TPC-VMS references current TPC specifications and, as a result, offers the industry a rapid means of running and reporting performance metrics for virtualized environments.”

The TPC-VMS specification has been developed to deliver a comprehensive and consolidated system workload for three distinct databases running concurrently within a virtualized environment. The specification will also help in clearly defining virtualization metrics based on currently available TPC benchmark standards. Furthermore, the specification will highlight the various needs for enhancing measurement and disclosure and will enable the industry to make use of existing TPC benchmark standards without the need for any elaborate implementation changes.

Test sponsors have the option for selecting any of the four TPC benchmark workloads (TPC-C, TPC-E, TPC-H, or TPC-DS) and can then run the instance of that workload in all the three virtual machines on their system during the test. The three virtualized databases should display similar capabilities and features which include similar number of TPC-C warehouses, same number of TPC-E load units, and also the same kind of TPC-DS or TPC-H scale factors.

TPC-VMS essentially defines four new benchmarks that cannot be compared with each other or with the base benchmarks from which they originate. The TPC-VMS primary performance metric comprises of VMS "performance” and includes the VMStpmC (for TPC-C), VMStpsE (for TPC-E), VMSQphH (for TPC-H) or VMSQphDS (for TPC-DS).

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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