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December 18, 2012

N8 Identity Pioneers New Approach to Identity and Access Governance

There are multiple ways the current stage of the maturation of the Internet has been described. I myself have called this “The Age of Acceleration.” However, a fundamental reality for IT professionals around the world is that we live in an age characterized by the creation, enforcement and evolution of policies and rules. This is true whether talking about corporate best practices to protect and secure the enterprise and IT data from the malicious attacks of a host of bad actors, or compliance with the seemingly unrelenting explosion of government mandates for the storage and protection of critical personal and transactional information.

To address the challenges of the increasingly complex world of identity and access management, N8 Identity, Canada’s leading dedicated identity and access management (IAM) solution provider, announced that its flagship product, Employee Lifecycle Manager (ELM), has “broken new ground” in the identity and access management (IAM) industry by preventing inappropriate access from being granted and identity governance violations from occurring, thereby ensuring continuous compliance with SOX, HIPAA, PIPEDA and other federal security regulations.

As is the case in so many aspects of enterprise security, the historic approach to identity governance has been reactive, i.e., after the fact. As Jay O’Donnell, president and CEO at N8 Identity, explained, “Many enterprise customers are beginning to realize that reporting and attestation are not enough to meet their identity governance requirements…ELM is unique in the industry today because it enables continuous compliance, thereby significantly reducing risk, and generates enormous process efficiency and cost savings within an organization.”

O’Donnell makes a good case for uniqueness for ELM. The two key words are “continuous compliance.” Think of this as analogous to putting a network-aware fire alarm system in your house. In real time, because of continuous monitoring, the first signs of smoke are enough to bring help. Without that continuous monitoring your eyes are perfectly capable of see the ashes of your home so that you can file a report.

And given the complexities of modern governance, corporations can seldom afford to not be both proactive and reactive when it comes to governance and compliance issues.

The benefits of the ELM solution are extensive. They include:

  • Proactive compliance and security: Manages identity governance through the complete lifecycle of a user within the organization, prevents inappropriate access from being granted, and manages approved access to assets and information.
  • Preserves existing IAM investment: Leverages its customers’ existing investment in identity and related infrastructure, eliminating the need to ‘rip and replace’.
  • Reduces business complexity and risk: Cuts support costs and help desk calls and minimizes business burden while improving IT agility.
  • Accelerated time to value: Unifies and streamlines on-boarding processes from all departments, aligning enterprise processes and improving efficiency.
  • Greater standardization across business units: Simplifies IAM enterprise-wide under a single platform.

ELM delivers a consistent user experience across global organizations by providing a unified set of business processes. This approach solves compliance requirements by incorporating organizational controls within the business process that proactively prevent access policy breaches. Based on the destructive power and speed that can be caused by a policy breach, this element of proactivity really is a new approach.

Plus, ELM’s strong audit and reporting capabilities are essential for meeting those SOX, HIPAA, PIPEDA and other federal security regulations.

This all makes one think that N8 Identity takes to heart the last words of the Canadian national anthem, “…we stand on guard for thee.” It is certainly worth investigating if this is a solution that meets your risk management and compliance needs.

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