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December 14, 2012

Anvil Mobile Launches First Hybrid Service to Ensure Privacy and Security

The first hybrid service that not only protects all incoming calls from local interception but also encrypts mobile voice calls to any other mobile or land line number has been launched by Anvil Mobile. Powered by SiRRAN Communications, Anvil’s Secure Mobile service ensures complete call privacy and security across any mobile or wireless network following recent mobile phone hacking scandals.

Any smartphone with Android (News - Alert) 2.3 or later and on iOS 4, 5 or 6 iPhones will be able to run the Secure Mobile application. With full-encrypted voice protection for both parties over the local leg of the call, the advanced version can safely make calls or receive incoming calls from landlines or mobile phones anywhere in the world. Providing complete end-to-end protection, the standard version encrypts calls between two Secure Mobile-enabled handsets.

“Whether it’s to compromise intellectual property, overhear details of mergers and acquisitions or listen into the private conversations of celebrities, politicians or business leaders, it’s simple and inexpensive to set up a rogue base station to intercept and record calls,” said Ian Philip, CEO at Anvil Mobile.

According to Philip, this is just one method that hackers use to intercept mobile phone calls. An additional secure number is provided that works concurrently with the existing mobile number, the moment a user downloads the Secure Mobile app and requests contract and activation details.

Though both numbers work when called, any calls made to and from the secure number are protected with advanced 256-bit AES encryption. From the phone screen, the user can either select the icon or set it as the default in order to make sure that all calls are made securely. For convenient access, the application also provides easy-to-use, seamless integration with existing phonebooks. The option to transfer to another number or use three-way conferencing is also enabled with this service.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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