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December 07, 2012

AVX Unveils New Ultra-Miniature Chip Capacitor Series

AVX (News - Alert) Corporation, a manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced new ultra-miniature chip capacitors specifically for the RF and microwave communications market.

The company brought out this new series of CU chip capacitors using the C0G (NP0) temperature-compensating EIA Class I ceramic materials. These materials are some of the most stable dielectrics available, and feature lead-free, nickel and tin-plated terminations, according the company.

Speaking on this occasion, Larry Eisenberger, product manager at AVX, said the new CU Series capacitors provide ultra-low ESR and high Q, and is equipped with copper instead of precious metal electrodes – both of which are critical in communications applications.

The new copper electrode chip capacitors can be used with variety of application including power amplifiers, handheld devices, GPS, vehicle location systems and matching networks for wireless LANs.

CU series chip capacitors rely on 0±30ppm/°C from -55° to +125°C temperature, which is coefficient of capacitance. It is also said that the capacitance value and working voltage vary by case size.

The 01005 CU Series capacitors have a capacitance value range of 0.5 – 6.2pF and a working voltage of 16VDC, and the 0201 capacitors have a capacitance value of 0.5 – 22pF and a working voltage of 25VDC.

Suitable for the RF and microwave communications market, the new ultra-miniature chip can be bought in 01005 and 0201 case sizes, and offers extremely low ESR, high Q and tight tolerances.

AVX is an international supplier of electronic passive components, and its portfolio includes a broad range of devices, including capacitors, resistors, filters, timing and circuit protection devices and connectors.

Recently, the company redesigned its well-established, surface mount, wire-to-board 9175 and 9176 insulation displacement connector (IDC (News - Alert)) Series to simplify and lower the cost of the wire termination processes used to connect discrete wire components to a PCB, bring power and signals onto a PCB, and daisy-chain PCBs together to form a continuous string. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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