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November 30, 2012

MicroStrategy Enhances Big Data Capabilities through New Amazon Redshift Analytical Data Warehouse Service

MicroStrategy (News - Alert), a key player in “big data” business intelligence (BI) analysis, noted this week that it has now certified its integration with the new Amazon Redshift data warehouse service. Amazon Redshift is Amazon Web Services' (News - Alert) (AWS) entirely new cloud-based analytical data warehouse service designed specifically to deliver high performance analytics for data warehouse and big data applications.

Amazon Redshift brings the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the AWS Cloud to the analytical database market. It complements Amazon Elastic MapReduce and essentially expands AWS' presence in the high-growth big data space. Data volumes - as the term "big data" directly implies, continues to explode, and the specific need for analytical insight is exploding right along with it. In fact, the greatest direct challenge for big data applications is in making sense of it. Ensuring the smartest possible outcomes for all that data is something we've previously covered in terms of the issues that have grown around it on this front.

AWS sees Amazon Redshift as a direct response to rapidly escalating business demand for more flexible and cost-effective approaches to harnessing big data resources. Amazon Redshift delivers a fast, cost-effective data warehouse service designed to provide high performance for their big data analytics needs.

MicroStrategy is a perfect fit to provide the BI side of big data. The BI Survey 12, the largest independent survey of the business intelligence market, published by BARC Group, recently found that 39 percent of MicroStrategy's customers analyze over one terabyte of data. As a result, MicroStrategy has been an early and active player in the big data analytics market. Other efforts by the company include:

Hadoop Integration: MicroStrategy has delivered technology that enhances both the usability and performance of Hadoop in business intelligence applications. MicroStrategy's integration with Hadoop enables customers using Hadoop software or services, such as Cloudera or Amazon Elastic MapReduce, to interact with a point-and-click interface to query data, without the need to develop HiveQL scripts or MapReduce jobs. As a result, a broad range of users, including business analysts and non-technical users, can quickly and easily extract and deliver actionable insights from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data stored in Hadoop.

Very Large Database Drivers (VLDB):  To maximize overall performance and throughput, MicroStrategy has developed VLDB specifically for Hadoop that generate optimized queries. In addition, MicroStrategy offers support for the latest technologies that accelerate the analytical performance of Hadoop, such as Cloudera's Impala project.

Large-scale data warehousing: MicroStrategy's ROLAP (Relational Online Analytical Processing) architecture generates highly optimized SQL to maximize the performance and scalability of all major data sources. MicroStrategy's SQL generation engine builds on a15 year heritage of database-specific optimizations and incorporates a variety of performance-enhancing innovations like multi-pass SQL, dynamic aggregate-aware data sourcing, drill-through capability, and multi-source push down architecture. MicroStrategy's multi-level caching and in-memory cube architecture further accelerates query performance and reduces latency. Through its MicroStrategy Cloud service, MicroStrategy also offers cloud-based, highly optimized high performance data warehouse services, scalable to hundreds of terabytes of relational data.

Amazon Redshift was launched by Amazon Web Services this week at AWS's re: Invent conference in Las Vegas.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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