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November 27, 2012

Massive Dynamics Produces a Winner, Telipad Sales Hit the Roof on Cyber Monday

Optimistic as Massive Dynamics, Inc. (MSSD) was when it launched its new technological marvel, the TeliPad, it may not have envisaged the success it experienced on Cyber Monday (News - Alert) when it received more than three times the preorders that it had hoped for.

The new Telipad product has a two line functionality that presumably attracts shoppers. Just one small, compact device can actually replace two smartphones and a tablet. This means that just the tablet, with the Telipad stuck at the back, will suffice to communicate and interact online and on the phone.

Additionally, the small, portable, the Telipad works on Bluetooth and can be adhered to the back of a computing tablet or kept in close proximity.

Oscar Hines, president at Massive Dynamics attributes the roaring sales to the unique technology that enabled shoppers to ‘get much more for less.’

"When shoppers found out that they could avoid paying $400 to $600 for a separate smartphone to carry and just pay $89.95 to add the smartphone to their tablet, they quickly saw the benefit of the TeliPad. As such, I believe that this is the reason we received more than three times the preorders that we had hoped for,” noted Hines, in a statement.

Apart from the Sprint (News - Alert) network not supporting it at present, the TeliPad’s smartphone function is stated to work on most major U.S. carriers or any network that supports SIMM.

The Nevada Corporation Massive Dynamics has massive plans in store with other breakthrough technology and products in the offing. It’s committed to live up to its expectations of being a “movement that transforms dreams into reality.”

Online sales soared 30 percent higher from Cyber Monday last year, according to IBM (News - Alert) Digital Analytics Benchmark, which tracks more than one million e-commerce transactions per day from more than 500 retailers. Retailers raked in record sales on Cyber Monday, as shoppers flocked to their computers and smartphones to grab online deals.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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