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November 27, 2012

Meta Byte Announces Deal to Licence Mi-Tokens' Authentication Engine

Meta Byte Technologies recently announced that it has signed a deal with Mi-Tokens over the licensing of its Two Factor Authentication engine. The aim of this deal is to ensure a substantial reduction in the cost of authenticating remote network users in the region.

In a statement, Salil Dighe, managing director at Meta Byte Technologies, said that, "We are excited to work with this new way of helping companies protect themselves from weak and static password attacks which are very common in the region. After researching the sector over the last six months, we selected Mi-Token because its architecture allows us to easily integrate it with existing infrastructure on client sites whether those sites employ 50 or 500,000 users. Mi-Token is designed to be much easier to manage and roll out and this can be done in less than one hour & does not require proprietary console servers & hard tokens to be installed and managed."

As a leader within the Web 2.0 Authentication space, Mi-Token Inc specializes in providing clients with ultra-secure authentication at Saas Price Levels over their existing infrastructure and phone assets. This helps in the securing of applications, payments, passwords and employees.

John Nolan, senior VP Sales & Marketing at Mi-Token, Inc., said that, "Mi-Token provides the best user and administrator experience by simplifying and making authentication transparent & easy for the user. The tight integration with Active Directory allows this ultra-secure solution to be deployed in minutes & managed easily by non-specialist IT staff."

Mi-Token offers enterprise as well as mobile and cloud users with two factor authentication that delivers benefits such as ease of management, easy roll out and deployment, substantial savings for continuing cost of ownership and cost of license, in addition to time deployment and management of the security layer.

Users can expect to benefit from savings of approximately 60-80 percent on currently available two factor authentication brands. Furthermore, they ensure enhanced security. Mi-Token offers users a FIPS 140-level 2 backed Seed Generation Option via a Hardware Security Module to ensure optimized security options as keys can be generated on site.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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