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November 14, 2012

Superconductor Technologies Completes 2G HTS Wire Production Suite

Recently, Superconductor Technologies (News - Alert) completed acceptance testing of its Solution Deposition Planarization (SDP) system. The equipment is received at the company’s Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Austin.

SDP is a foundational step in Superconductor Technologies’ Conductus wire manufacturing process. This process is can enhance the power densities and be optimized for inexpensive and high throughput.

SDP provides features such as planarization and a diffusion barrier. Surface conditions must be very smooth for proper growth of superconducting materials.

While eliminating the requirement to polish the template, SDP produces a smooth starting surface.

To create one kilometer lengths of complete wire template, the SDP and Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) machine, deployed sometime ago, will work in combination. This template will be utilized in the next-generation Reactive Coevaporation Cyclic Deposition and Reaction (RCE-CDR) system deployed this year.

Using STI's proprietary process, the RCE-CDR system deposits the HTS material onto the template.

“We now have our complete 2G HTS wire production suite on site at our new Austin facility," said Adam Shelton, STI's VP of Marketing and Product Line Management. "We expect to have the system completely installed and operational by 2012 year end. Achieving this program milestone positions us to meet the growing demand for our Conductus wire in 2013 and begin preparations for commercial production in 2014.”

Recently, the company contributed 14 patents about STI's innovative Reconfigurable Resonance (RcR) technology. It also announced some experienced executive leadership and technical expertise as its minority investment in Resonant LLC. Looking to bring to market RcR technology by extending its world-leading expertise in radio frequency analog passive circuit design, Resonant (then called Resonant, Inc.) has already signed a product development agreement with a worldwide leader in mobile communications products. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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