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November 12, 2012

PlumChoice Issues Guidance on Securing Tech Support for SMBs, Consumers and Companies

PlumChoice, Inc. recently issued guidance via a white label arrangement for consumers, tech support services companies and SMBs on effectively securing tech support in light of increasing IT service-related scams.  

In a statement, Ted Werth, founder and Chairman at PlumChoice, said "Consumers and small businesses should exercise reasonable care when approached with tech support offers. This issue is increasingly vital because today's tech support requirements reach beyond the basic fixing of broken PCs, peripherals and mobile phones; rather, people operate within immersive technology environments at home, at work and on the road and therefore demand ubiquitous access to data. That need for full access across interconnected devices and diverse platforms increases vulnerability to scammers."

As the number of interconnected devices increases, a greater number of users are demanding access to data across work, home and mobile environments. This has resulted in the need for securing support while ensuring that data is used appropriately.

And as users allow support organizations access to their technology, their sensitive data becomes available for access as well. The new Microsoft (News - Alert) Windows 8 OS release has also upped the need for securing technical support, and PlumChoice believes the transition to the new OS release will have to be backed by robust support.

Consumers and small businesses keen on availing direct tech support, have to be careful about using "free" support offers from unknown companies, according to Werth. He constantly advices users that reputable providers will always use a valid permission process while accessing a computer in offering remote support.

By doing this, they eliminate the risks typically associated with the misuse of data.

"Companies that provide outsourced tech support to their customers value long-term customer relationships,” added Werth. “So certainly they'll want to partner with a provider that appropriately uses data to provide an effective tech support solution. But any tech solutions provider should be willing to discuss how customer data is protected and used. It's absolutely crucial to ensure that the customers' best interests are always the top priority."

To drive this thinking, PlumChoice as a practice offers consumers and small businesses, as well as white label partners, robust tech support to effectively harmonize interconnected, immersive environments.

Edited by Braden Becker

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