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November 08, 2012

Skybox Security Upgrades its Firewall Assurance 6.5 and Network Assurance 6.5

Skybox Security, a supplier of proactive security risk management solutions, has enhanced its Firewall Assurance 6.5 and Network Assurance 6.5 with capabilities that will enable security managers to see, analyze and take proactive action to secure the network infrastructure against cyber-attacks.

Officials explained that the new features added in the solutions will increase the visibility of risks caused by the intersection of firewall configurations, host vulnerabilities and network access paths.

“To protect the business services from attack, you must understand your security infrastructure, and see the vulnerabilities and possible attack vectors. How can you defend your network if you can’t foresee the risk?” said Gidi Cohen, CEO at Skybox Security.

“Skybox provides tools that automatically collect and analyze data from firewalls, network devices, asset management, and patch management systems, and put together a vulnerability remediation plan to reduce overall corporate risk,” Cohen added.

Firewall Assurance 6.5 features a new graphical firewall map which can be used by network administrators to view the firewall and all connecting interfaces. This lets them check and make changes of zones and interface properties within the map.

The firewall map is dynamically created and automatically updated so that administrators can interact with the firewall architecture to analyze interactions among security devices more optimally.

The Network Assurance 6.5 solution can easily identify host vulnerabilities on a visual network map. This allows security managers to quickly find out vulnerable points that can be attacked by cyber criminals. Network Assurance’s Access Analyzer technology will also help in checking new application connectivity requests to avoid risks and use better alternatives when a change is contemplated.

A thorough understanding on the attacker’s approach is imperative.

In July 2012, Skybox released a solution for vulnerability management embedded in Skybox Risk Control 6.5. It detects network vulnerabilities in an automated and non-disruptive manner, without an active scan, and features security metrics to measure the magnitude of the attack surface and track effectiveness of remediation tasks.

Skybox solutions are capable of mitigating cyber-attacks effectively and prevent data breaches by providing IT decision makers with continuous network visibility and sophisticated security analytics. It caters to the needs of organizations in financial services, government, energy, defense, retail and telecommunications sectors.

Edited by Braden Becker

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