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November 06, 2012

IPv4 Blocks from IPv4 Market Group Available in RIPE Region

IPv4 Market Group has announced the availability of IPv4 blocks for purchase in the European IP Networks -RIPE region.

These blocks also include a /12 block, according to IPv4 Market Group, a global specialist in both IPv4 sale and IPv4 lease. The company intends to consider the best price offers.

“Our seller is interested in moving this block before the end of calendar 2012, and will look at creative ways to sell, including splitting the block to multiple buyers,” said IPv4 Market Group’s executive vice president for Business Development, Jeff Mehlenbacher.

The current inventory of IPv4 for sale in IPv4 Market Group includes an ARIN (News - Alert) based company for sale with one legacy /16 asset. Because the group will provide the ARIN POC login, no needs justification will be not be required.

All the prospective buyer has to do is purchase the company, and leave it in the name of the previous company in the ARIN records. The buyer can use the IPs as they are currently registered.

IPv4 Market Group is asking US$519,000 for this asset. The company also has multiple RIPE based /20's at a firm price of EUR 11.45; and has stated the availability of /16's, /17's, and /18's in the ARIN region, one /12 in the ARIN region, and multiple /16's in the APNIC region.

The RIPE NCC recently announced that it would begin allocating from the last /8, and allow organizations only one /22 allocation regardless of need for larger allocation.

IPv4 Market Group was in news earlier this year for announcing the immediate availability of IPv4 inter-RIR transfer services.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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